This Page: Natural remedies for gastritis Dietary recommendations for gastritis Foods to Avoid Other recommendations Possible Complications Treatment When to consult a doctor? Next Page: Description Diagnosis & Examination Types of Gastritis Acute Gastritis: Causes Acute Gastritis: Symptoms Chronic Gastritis: Causes Chronic Gastritis: Symptoms   13 Best Natural Remedies for Gastritis Following are some effective […]

In this article: Meaning of Hysteria Symptoms of Hysteria Causes of Hysteria Hysteria is a mental disorder which arises from intense anxiety. The patient loses control over his or her acts and emotions and it is usually accompanied by sudden seizures of unconsciousness with emotional outbursts. It is often due to repressed conflicts within the […]

 Archive collection of natural cures and home remedies for intestinal worms: Intestinal worms can be effectively treated using common prescriptions like flubendazole, pyrvinium or pyrantel. These medicines are usually administered in two to three doses, with a fortnight difference between each consecutive dosage. However there might be situations where natural cure and home remedies may […]

As per an estimate, about 1.5% of people in the world are affected by Vitiligo. Vitiligo (leucoderma) is a distressing skin condition marked by gradual loss of melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin pigment in skin layers which results in irregular white patches. The only physical discomfort associated with Vitiligo is the intolerance to […]

Archive of time tested, scientific home remedies for water retention. Cure water retention at home with these easy and effective treatments. Understanding water retention Water constitutes up to 70% of total body weight. 50% body fat contains water and 75% of muscle tissues is water. When body starts retaining more water than this, for some […]

Mumps is a contagious viral infection which causes swelling and pain in the salivary gland. It is quite common in children and youngsters. Usually a person has mumps only once in life, but there may be some who may be affected second time. The patient’s throat and neck swells up, making it difficult for the […]

Nail fungus (leukonychia in medical parlance) is characterized by white spots on nails. White spots on nails can be caused by several factors, the common ones being: Infection of a fungus called dermatophytes. Yeast or mold infection Defective keratinization ( the metabolic process by which nails are formed) Allergic reaction to certain nail polish Injuries […]

Neuritis is an inflammation of the nerves; it may be a single nerve or a series of nerves. Sometimes groups of nerves from different parts of the body may be involved, this condition is known as polyneuritis. Depending upon the location of inflammation, Neuritis is called by different names such as ulnar neuritis (nerves behind […]

For people looking out for Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss, Fast- Safe and easy to implement dietary regimens for quick weight loss at home. Obesity is a condition where there is an excess storage of fat in the body. Obesity is defined as weight 20% or above the body mass index (BMI). When a […]

Peptic ulcer: An eroded lesion or cut in the inner walls of the stomach and intestinal tract is called peptic ulcer. The ulcer in the stomach is called gastric ulcer and ulcer of the intestinal tract is known as duodenal ulcer as it occurs in duodenum. Both grouped together is called peptic ulcer. Causes Excess […]

Prostatitis is characterized by inflammation of Prostate – the male sex gland which is located halfway between base of the penis and the rectum. Prostrate gland is responsible for semen production and covers urethra which is the pathway for urine outflow. Causes of Prostatitis: Prostatitis is, usually caused by bacterial infection of the prostrate gland, […]

Pyorrhea is a very common periodontal disease that affects gums surrounding the roots of the teeth. It leads to inflammation, irritation and pus in gums further resulting in loosening of teeth. Pyorrhea is the primary cause for tooth loss in adults. Causes of Pyorrhea: Pyorrhea is caused by bacterial infection. Food particles get stuck in […]

Sore throat is characterized by infection in the back of the throat or an inflammation of the pharynx. In some cases, sore throat may also infect adenoids or tonsils. Causes of sore throat Sore throat is generally caused as an after effect of some other ailment like: Common cold Influenza Sinusitis Measles Diphtheria Symptoms of […]

Tonsillitis is a condition of inflammation of the tonsils, which lie one each on each both sides of the throat. Tonsillitis may be acute (one-time) or chronic (characterized by repeated attacks of infection). Causes of Tonsillitis Tonsillitis primarily occurs because of two reasons: Exposure to sudden cold Non elimination of toxicity through normal channels – […]

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