15 Best Natural Cure Diet for Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

Best Natural Cure for Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia). Includes dietary
recommendations to avoid hypoglycemia attacks. Home remedy for low blood sugar.

low blood sugarHypoglycemia may be related to several factors that are sometimes difficult to determine. However, the symptoms of low blood sugar can be alleviated by using natural cures and by adopting a balanced regimen based on a healthy eating, stress management and regular exercise.

What is Hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a disorder of blood sugar metabolism. This condition arises when there is fall in glucose levels in the blood to less than 3.5 millimoles per liter (mmol / l).

The glucose level, which determines the energetic nature of the body, is found in the fruits, rice, cereals and milk and other dairy products, which contain sugar. The food that one eats is absorbed in the blood as glucose. Glucose is converted to energy by insulin which helps the body to stay active and healthy.

Hypoglycemia is characterized by loss of energy accompanied by nervousness, tremor, a compelling hunger and other symptoms. The discomforts disappear as the patient intakes sugar.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia:

  • Sudden loss of energy, state of weakness
  • Hunger and craving for sweets, since the body lacks the essential levels of sugar
  • Nervousness, irritability, Depression and fatigue
  • Disturbed vision and headaches

Some may have symptoms like, sweating, trembling, pale face, headache, compelling hunger, drowsiness, absentmindedness, numbness, weakness, dizziness and palpitations of the heart.

Causes of Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia is usually diagnosed in people with impaired glucose tolerance (common in early stage of diabetes), diabetes or some sort of pancreatic disorder.

Excessive consumption of refined foods is a cause for low blood sugar. Lack of nutrients in such foods makes the pancreas; adrenal glands lose their ability to handle blood sugar.

Other causes of low blood sugar may include tumors, disturbed liver, disturbed adrenal gland functions and stress.

What to do in a Hypoglycemia attack

  • If attack is mild, eat a sweet fruit, a piece of bread or a homemade muffin.
  • If attack is hard, eat a source of concentrated sugar, such as fruit juice or candy.

In all cases, the patient should be given a protein bite (roasted soybean, nuts or cheese) twenty minutes after the attack.

15 Best Natural Cure Food for Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

If symptoms of hypoglycemia increase discomfort, patients generally take teaspoonful of sugar. However downward fluctuating blood glucose levels, does not require eating more sugar. On the contrary, all dietary recommendations and home remedies for controlling
hypoglycemia do not revolve around taking higher sugar intake but in trying to stabilize sugar levels, so that the body enjoys a constant source of energy during the day.


Liquorice root: Liquorice root is a very good natural cure for alleviating symptoms of low blood sugar. Liquorice helps increase blood sugar levels in the body. Cut the root in pieces and add to boiling water and boil this for five minutes, the patient can drink this once a day. Liquorice also relieves stress related to low blood sugar levels. Person with high blood pressure should avoid liquorice as it is known to increase blood pressure. Even otherwise, it should be taken in moderate quantity.


Apple: Apples are very effective for people with low blood sugar as it is rich in chromium and magnesium, both of which are known to regulate blood sugar level. Two apples should be taken after meal everyday for better results.


Wild yam: Wild yam is a very effective natural cure for low blood sugar, as it controls the level of insulin in the body, thereby increasing the sugar level in the blood. Yam should be boiled in water and left for an hour before drinking. The dried powdered root can be made into a paste, and this paste should be added to milk or a glass of warm water and consumed.


Molasses: Molasses is a very useful natural cure for low blood sugar. Drinking extract of molasses provides the required glucose during exertion. Take a little molasses and add to a glass of warm water, drink this at least twice daily to improve blood sugar level.


Dandelion root: Dandelion root contains large amounts of calcium, which helps in proper functioning of pancreas and liver, which helps to keep the correct blood sugar levels. Powder the root and mix the powder in a glass of milk or warm water, take this mix daily for better results. An concoction made of this root can be taken twice daily.


Parsley: Parsley helps in improving the functions of liver and pancreas, making it a very effective natural cure for low blood sugar. Juice extracted from the leaves of parsley can be taken daily to rejuvenate liver and pancreas. Parsley leaves can also be steeped in hot water and taken internally once a day for beneficial results in


Tomatoes: Tomatoes contains lycopene which is a potent antioxidant which help in improving functioning of liver and pancreas. Drinking juice of tomatoes, twice daily, for two weeks, is very effective way to alleviating pancreatic disorders which cause low blood sugar.. Fresh tomatoes also can be included in the diet for better resultssunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds are a rich source of poly-phenols like chlorgenic acid; caffeic acid and quinic acid which help remove destructive oxidants from liver and pancreas. In particular, chlorgenic acid promotes synthesis of glycogen in the liver and is very beneficial in regulating sugar levels in the blood. Sunflower seeds can be eaten in raw form or can be powdered and added to water, taking sunflower seeds daily, is a very effective natural cure for low blood sugar.

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of several micronutrients including iron, magnesium and manganese. It is also known to prevent deposition of calcium oxalate in the kidney and helps in regulating functioning of kidney. This helps regulating the blood sugar level and is effective in treatment of Hypoglycemia. Powder pumpkin seeds and mix in a glass of milk or warm water and drink for beneficial results.


Gentian root: Gentian root is very useful natural cure for low blood sugar as it boosts the sugar level in the body. Take gentian root and dip in boiling water , to make a concoction and drink this twice daily.


Barley: Barley is a first-rate food for patients if type 2 diabetes or people diagnosed with low blood sugar. Barley is a rich source of essential minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers. In particular, Barley contains magnesium and beta-glucan which helps in regulating glucose absorption in blood.

Balanced Diet for Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) individuals

An ideal diet for low blood sugar patient should be well balanced with enough nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables and carbohydrates. Seeds and nuts should be taken in raw form, grains should be cooked.

Balanced meal for low blood sugar individuals: The diet should be supplemented with meat (for magnesium), dairy products and substitutes (for proteins), bread and whole grain substitutes (for carbohydrates and dietary fiber) and vegetables or fresh fruit (for fiber and antioxidants).


Food rich in Chromium: Research has shown that a balanced intake of chromium is very important for regulating GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor), which is responsible for balanced metabolism of glucose. Thus chromium helps stabilize blood sugar both I case of hypo and hyperglycemia. A normal adult requires a daily chromium intake of 200 mcg to maintain optimal blood sugar level in the body. This can be taken as a supplement or from food rich in chromium such as brewer’s yeast, potatoes, peas, oysters, whole wheat bread, shredded wheat breakfast cereal, rye bread and wheat germ

almond milk

Food rich in Magnesium: Magnesium helps prevent falling of blood sugar levels in people with hypoglycemia. A healthy adult requires round 340 mg of magnesium in his daily intake. Food rich in magnesium include halibut, tuna, artichoke, banana, dry figs, barley, oat bran, prune juice, milk, yoghurt, almonds, brazil nut, cashew, beans, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, soybean, spinach, sweet potatoes and potatoes.


Food rich in Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 (niacin) has been found beneficial in regulating level of blood sugar in hypoglycemic people. Food rich in Vitamin B3 include tuna, crimini mushrooms, halibut, salmon, asparagus, venison and chicken breast.

Food rich in dietary fibers: Dietary fibers allow sugars to be absorbed more slowly, which regulate glucose in the blood. Person with low blood sugar should consume around 25-40 g of dietary fiber per day. Psyllium, Oat bran, apple pectin, whole meal cereals and ground flax seed are rich in fiber.


Food rich in proteins: Proteins provide the body with a more consistent source of energy that sugar or fat. This is because they are absorbed less rapidly than fats (lipids) and sugars (carbohydrates). Protein intake should constitute 15-20% of total energy intake while fat should constitute around 30%. Always keep nuts, seeds, roasted soy beans and cheese handy to fill your protein needs on the go. Canned fish like sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon are great sources of protein and can be added to the diet of
hypoglycemia patients.

Other Vitamins: Vitamins like C, E and B complex help normalize blood sugar level in the body, thus making it a very effective natural cure for low blood sugar. The prescribed daily doses are: Vitamin C (2000- 5000mg), Vitamin B (50mg) and Vitamin E (1600 IU). Increase the vitamins intake in the diet, to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Preventing fluctuations in blood glucose levels

Taking regular small snacks, (about once every two hours) helps prevent fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Snacks should be rich in carbohydrates (15-30 g per snacks), dietary fibers (2-3 g) and proteins (3-9 g). It is important to take a snack early, before feeling the loss of energy. Eat a little more if you exercise.

Foods to be avoided in Low Blood sugar

Concentrated sugars get rapidly absorbed in blood and cause a sudden increase in blood sugar followed by a sharp decline which can be very dangerous. Concentrated sugars are the most important food content to be avoided. One must try to completely eliminate intake of concentrated sugar. If it cannot be eliminated totally,
at least it should not be eaten alone. In any case, the amount of sugars should not exceed 5 g per serving.

If there is a strong urge to eat sugar, take sugar-free desserts made from whole
meal flour and seasoned with cow’s milk, soy nature and plain yogurt, sweet fruits, fresh vegetables, vegetable juice without sugar and other sugar free sweet dishes.

Other foods to avoid include

  • Refined and processed foods.
  • Canned foods
  • Alcohol (especially on empty stomach), tea and caffeinated foods
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Foods high on salt

Other recommendations for people with low blood sugar

  • Drink plenty of water: People with low blood sugar should drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and to flush out toxic radicals from the body. Drinking water also helps in cleaning bowel movements by dissolving surplus intake of dietary
  • Take small and regular meals: Person with low blood sugar levels should take small and regular meals throughout the day rather than taking three large meals a day. This helps in keep the levels of sugar in the blood to normal.
  • Take meals at fixed times. This distributes energy absorption equally throughout the day. It is important not to skip any meals and not to fast.
  • Physical activity: Exercise and relaxation are good ways to reduce stress that is a primary cause of
    hypoglycemia attack. Exercise promotes release of adrenalin and other vital hormones that help regulate and control blood sugar. Regular exercise is recommended. Exercise regularly but moderately. Avoid strenuous or intense exercises.
  • Relaxation activities: Hypoglycemia patient should avoid stress and relax as much as possible. Yoga, Meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises are beneficial in curbing low blood sugar induced stress.
  • Sufficient sleep should be ensured.


If symptoms of hypoglycemia are seen, always consult a doctor. Hypoglycemia can usually be cured if the exact cause is diagnosed.Hypoglycemia is also cured in many cases by a simple reorganization of the diet in consultation with a nutritionist

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