Natural Cure for Amnesia

Amnesia is essentially a brain disorder often associated with nutritional deficiencies.

The follwoing food based supplements are known to have abeneficial effect in treatment of Amnesia.


Almonds are very useful in strengthening the brain cells. Almonds  contain special  properties,   which remove brain debility . They also help   restore poor memory due to brain weakness.

Almonds treat all problems caused by nervous disorders. Take about ten to twelve almonds and soak it in water overnight. Remove their skin before soaking it.

Grind them to a fine paste and mix it with one tablespoon of butter, if required. This should be taken, every morning. Inhaling,   ten to fifteen drops of almond oil through nose, twice a day, is also very effective for brain weakness.


Sage strengthens the ability to concentrate and it acts on cortex of the brain. The herb stops mental exhaustion.  A tea made from dried sage leaves taken regularly helps treat weak memory or loss of memory.


Rosemary is very effective for loss of memory or forgetfulness. Rosemary relieves the brain cells of mental fatigue.  A tea made of this can be taken once or twice daily. This tea refreshes the mind and enhances the mental agility.


Take about  twenty grams of walnuts daily for treating brain weakness. Walnuts taken with figs or raisins  , of ten grams each  daily enhances  their effectiveness in treating the brain  disorder.

Brahmi booti

Take about seven grams of this herb and dry it in shade. Grind this with a little water and about seven to eight almond kernels  and half a gram of pepper .Strain this mixture and sweeten it with about twenty five grams of sugar. Drink this daily twice , morning and evening on empty stomach. This can be taken preferably for a fortnight.

Cumin seeds

About three grams of black cumin seeds should be mixed with  two tablespoons of honey. This can be taken once a day , in the morning. This is effective in treating poor memory.


Apples contain vitamin B1, potassium and phosphorous  help in the synthesis of glutamic acid.  Glutamic acid helps in controlling the wear and tear of the  nerve cells.

Eating an apple daily with a teaspoon of honey  and one glass of milk is helpful in treating mental irritability and loss of memory. This acts as a nerve tonic and it recharges  the nerves with new energy and life.

Other fruits

Fruits rich  in phosphorous  are beneficial for amnesia and they invigorate brain cells and tissues. Figs , oranges, grapes and dates are some of the fruits which have phosphorous in them.  This improves the brain’s ability and agility.

Black pepper

Finely grind five or six black pepper seeds  and mix it with a teaspoon of  honey. This should be taken twice daily in the morning and evening. This is very good for amnesia.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves help in boosting the memory. Chewing a few basil leaves twice daily is useful for treating amnesia. One can also make a concoction of the leaves and drink it for treating  amnesia.  

Add a few basil leaves to boiling water   and  let it on for a few minutes. Allow it to cool for some time.  Strain the leaves and  drink this at least once a day.

Indian gooseberry

Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C. Indian gooseberry is a good sedative  and anti depressant . It helps in relaxing the brain cells.  Indian gooseberry can be taken in the form of juice , as a candy,  as a fruit or boiled in water and taken as a drink. All these forms are beneficial for curing amnesia.


An amnesia patient should have a phosphorous rich diet, which comprises of cereals, egg yolk, pulses, fruit juices, milk and nuts.

Cow’s milk is particularly very useful for treating this condition. So the patient should take  as much milk as it can be digested by him/her.

The patient should avoid tea, coffee, alcohol  and chocolate. The patient should also avoid products made of white flour and white sugar. Processed foods also must be avoided as much as possible.

Enough rest and sleep is very essential for the patient in this condition. The patient can also learn various activities or hobbies which help him/her to relax. Meditation is one such activity which is very helpful in ensuring the cure from this condition.

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