Home Remedies for Anorexia

A list of 11 best Home Remedies for Anorexia.

1.      Apples

Apples  naturally stimulate the appetite when consumed.  Apples can be taken in the morning on empty stomach. The chemicals in apples  acts on the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and signal the brain that it is hungry.


2.      Lemon

Lemon helps in boosting the appetite as it contains large amounts of vitamin C. Add the juice of one fresh lemon in a glass of water. To this mixture add a teaspoon of honey  and mix well.  Mint leaves can be added for flavour too. Drink this lemon juice twice a day.


3.      Basil  leaves

Basil leaves helps in increasing the appetite. The patient can eat 3-4 basil leaves  daily to treat this condition.


4.      Oranges

Oranges are very useful to  build a healthy appetite since they contain vitamin C. Sweet lime too is very useful for the same reason.  Eat one or two fresh oranges daily . Fresh juices of oranges or sweet lime  also can be  taken to improve the appetite.


5.      Garlic

Garlic has a property which aids in stimulating the digestion and improves the appetite. Garlic  can be eaten raw or can be cooked . It can also be used in soups or vegetable salads. A concoction  made of garlic is very useful to treat this condition and can be taken all day.  Boil some crushed garlic  in water. Strain the water and take two  or more cups of this daily.


6.      Sour grapes

Juice of a few sour  grapes are good for improving the appetite.  Mix   this juice  in the flour with which chapattis are made. The chapattis thus made can be eaten for  two or three weeks without a break. This tones up the stomach and increases the appetite.


7.      Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very useful to treat anorexia. They contain chemicals which help the brain and the system in sending signals to the body of its hunger. Two or three  raw tomatoes can be taken on empty stomach , with salt and pepper added if necessary. Also a soup made of tomatoes  by adding a pinch of black pepper too, can be taken alternatively.


8.      Ginger and rock salt

Ginger  has mood lifting chemicals in it. This is very helpful in preventing depression in anorexia. Remove the skin of a small piece of ginger , now add a pinch of rock salt to it.  Squeeze some  lemon juice on this mixture and  make a paste of it. Eat this paste in the morning on empty stomach. Continue this for about two weeks. This will help in improving the appetite and interest in food.


9.      Cloves

Take a handful of cloves and add it to boiling water  and let it boil for some time. Allow it to cool down and strain it. Drink about one litre of this clove water throughout the day. If necessary,   half a teaspoon of lemon juice can be added to this water. The clove  water will help in increasing the appetite gradually.


10.  Herbs

Lavender, thyme, chamomile, gentian, sage, hawthorn, centaury, yarrow , etc, are some herbs  which help in improving the appetite.  They help in increasing the hunger too. Foods or drinks made of some these herbs are very effective for treating this condition.


11.  Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup made of fresh vegetables ,  are very helpful in increasing hunger.  Add a pinch of black pepper  and rock salt  for taste. Have these soups daily,   about one hour before dinner.


Non vegetarians   can also have chicken soup to help cure this condition.