Best Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis

 A collection of best natural home remedies for arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis is a serious condition. All natural methods mentioned here must be used in addition to professional medical advise. It is very essential that the patient consults the doctor in this condition before adopting any  home cure methods.

1.  Vegetable juices:  Beet root juice is very valuable for arteriosclerosis. It is a very good solvent for inorganic calcium deposits. This should be taken daily for better results.

Carrot and spinach juice also should be taken daily once. They can be taken separately , 500ml or in combination. Taken in combination , the proportion is  carrots juice,300ml, spinach juice -200ml , to make 500ml of juice.

2.  Lemon:

Lemon is the richest source of vitamin C. This strengthens the entire arterial system. Shred the lemon peel of one lemon  to soups and stews or over the salads.

To make a medicine , the peel of one or two lemons may be cut finely,  covered with warm  water  and leave it  for about 12 hours. Take one teaspoon every three hours  or immediately before or after a meal.

3.  Garlic and onions

Onions and garlic have a preventive effect on the development of arteriosclerosis according to latest research. They should be included in the daily diet , either raw or cooked as per the patient ‘s preference.

4.  Parsley

parsley contains elements which help to maintain the blood vessels, particularly the capillaries and arterial system  in a healthy condition.  It can be taken as a tea.  To prepare its tea, take a teaspoon of dry parsley and add it to a cup of water. Let it simmer for a few minutes. This can be taken twice or thrice daily.

5.  Honey

Honey is easily digested and assimilated  . The patient should take a glass of water with one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice in it. Take this before going to the bed  and it can be taken during the night too if awake.

6.  Ishabgul

The oil of the seeds of this plant should be used for beneficial results for arteriosclerosis. It contains  50% of linoleic acid , an unsaturated fat  and is , therefore very helpful in preventing and treating this disease.

 Diet recommended for alleviating symptoms of arteriosclerosis

Initially, the patient should take up a juice fast for five  to seven days. Fresh , raw vegetables and juices of seasonal fruits should be taken thrice daily.

After the juice fast, the patient should take a diet consisting of  grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits , with emphasis  on raw foods. Shorter periods of juice fast may be taken every three months or so depending on the health condition.

The patient should take several short meals,   instead  of a few large ones.  The  patient ,  should avoid hydrogenated fats and an excess of saturated fats like, butter, ghee, and animal fat.

Safflower oil, flax seed oil and olive oil should be used to cook food.

Foods to Avoid

The patient,   should avoid salt, meat, refined products and processed foods. Strong tea and coffee , white sugar, white flour and its products also should be avoided.

Smoking should be given up as it constricts the arteries and aggravates the condition. The patient should do a lot of  outdoor exercise and get rid of mental stress and worries.

Other reccomendations for arteriosclerosis

During the juice fast the patient should take warm water enema   daily to cleanse the bowels.

A prolonged immersion  bath at room  temperature should be taken at bed time  on alternate days. For this the bath tub should be filled with water  at a temperature ranging from  33.4C to 36.7C , and the  patient should lie in it for about an hour . The head should be kept with a cold compress.