Ayurvedic Cure for Loss Of Memory

Ayurveda cure for memory-lossIn Ayurveda, Loss of Memory is known as Smutibhransh. Memory means the retention of the knowledge and the power to recall it. Memory Loss means that the person fails to remember what he has learned previously. Sometimes it is even difficult for him to remember the names of the closest of his friends.


Memory may get hampered by concussion of the brain or even by certain diseases. Old age may also lead to loss of memory. Sometimes the patient may suffer from temporary loss of memory which is caused due to some injury.


The problem of loss of memory can be cured by the remedies of ayurveda.

1.     BRAHMI – This is popularly used to improve the memory. It has two varieties namely MATSYAKSI and MANDUKAPARNI. Both the varieties are equally useful in increasing the memory.

One ounce of the juice of brahmi is given to the patient on an empty stomach twice daily. Also brahmi is boiled in ghee and this is given to the patient in an empty stomach twice daily.

2.     VACHA – This is another remedy commonly used in cases of weak memory. The root of the plant vacha is used.

One teaspoonful of the powdered root of vacha is given with honey and cow’s milk twice daily.


A nourishing diet with lots of fruits and vegetables should be given to the patient. Almond oil and regular use of amla is also very helpful for improving memory power. The foods with spicy, bitter, sour and pungent tastes should be avoided.