Ayurveda Cure for Anaemia

In Ayurveda, anaemia is known as Pandu Roga. It is one of the most important and very common dietary deficiency diseases. It is the lack of red blood corpuscles and haemoglobin in the blood. A person suffering from anaemia has a poor quality of blood.



Anaemia may be caused due to loss of blood through heavy menstruation, child birth, injury, bleeding from the gastro-intestinal tract, deficiency of iron and vitamins in the body and defect in the formation of the blood in the body due to drugs, toxins and infections.

The most noticeable symptom of anaemia is that the skin gets pale in color. This happens due to depletion of blood in the body. It becomes difficult to breathe and the heart beat becomes rapid. There is weakness and also the blood pressure falls. The person often feels cold. In severe case the nails become brittle and are poorly developed and the tongue is often sore.

According to ayurveda, anaemia is a disorder of the pitta dosha.


The ayurvedic medicines prescribed for anaemia are:

  1. PUNARNAVA MANDURA or PUNARNAVADI MANDURA – 1 gm should be given with honey four times in a day.
  2. PHALTRIKADI KASHAYA, LAUHASAVA, VYOSHADI GHRITA, PANDU PANCHANANA RASA – These are some other standard ayurvedic medicines which are highly useful in anaemia. The dose of these ayurvedic prepartations depend upon the severity of the condition.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic preparations there are many potent herbs in curing the disease.

Ayurvedic Name Common English Name   Benefits
Kasni Chicory It is the main ingredient in most of the blood tonic preparations. It can be taken with celery and parsley.
Ajmoda Celery Celery is a highly rich source of iron. When it is taken with carrot juice, it proves to be very effective cure for all blood ailments, including anemia.
Afsanthim Wormwood This is also rich in iron content and hence prescribed for the treatment of anaemia.
Sowa Dill Dill is taken to regulate the flow during the menstrual cycle. About 50 grams of sowa taken with a teaspoonful amount of parsley juice helps in anemia during periods.
Methi Fenugreek Fenugreek works as an effective blood tonic. It is also helpful in curing anemia during menstruation in girls.



Since it is a dietary deficiency disease it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. The diet should include sources of iron, vitamin c, folic acid and vitamin b12.

  • Green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, dry fruits, lentils, beets and all types of red meat are good sources of iron.
  • Foods like fish, eggs, milk and milk products are high in vitamin b12.
  • Tomatoes, fresh citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables have high contents of vitamin c. Amla is the richest source of vitamin c.
  • Green leafy vegetables and food grains have good amount of folic acid.
  • Carbonated drinks, tea, coffee should be avoided.
  • A mild laxative should be given to cure constipation as it may aggravate the condition.