Ayurvedic Cure for Bronchial Asthma

In Ayurveda, the name given to bronchial asthma is Tomaka Shvasa or Dama. It is called Asthma in common language and Swasa Roga in ayurveda. It is the same disease known by different names. It is one of the most common and alarming disease of the modern world. It is a disease of the respiratory tract in which a person faces difficulty in breathing. This difficulty in breathing arises because the respiratory tracts become constricted or narrowed. The chest, air passages and the throat becomes congested.


The following ayurvedic preparations are prescribed for the bronchial asthma:

Bharangi,Nagara 1 gm each of bharangi and nagara should be made into a paste with water and should be taken with warm water two times in a day.
Sitopaladi Churna One tea spoon full of sitopaladi churna should be mixed with honey and taken three times in a day.
Trikatu Churna,Shukti Bhasma,

Vasa Churna

1 gm of trikatu churna, 100 mg of shukti bhasma and 2 gm of vasa churna should be taken with honey three times in a day.
  • KANAKASAVA, SWASA KASA CHINTAMANI RASA and SUVARNA PUSHPASUGA RASA are few other standard ayurvedic medicines prescribed for bronchial asthma which should be taken depending upon the severity of the condition.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, there are many herbs which have been in ayurveda since ages for bronchial asthma and have proved to be very beneficial in this condition.

Ayurvedic Name Common English Name Benefits
Ajwain ka patta or Ajmoda Celery Celery has antispasmodic properties and hence used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Its seeds are also highly effective in this condition.
Kasni Chicory The juice of kasni is very effective in removing asthma. The powdered dry root of chicory mixed with honey if also a great remedy for getting relief in asthma.
Lahsun Garlic Garlic has been used since ages for several diseases and it is also an excellent cure for asthma. Three garlic cloves taken with milk every night is considered to be an excellent Ayurvedic cure for asthma.
Dhatura Datura The smoke from the datura leaves is inhaled to get relief from asthmatic attacks but this must be done only under supervision since datura is toxic in nature.
Asmania or Somalata Ephedra Somalata is one of the important herbs prescribed in case of asthmatic attacks. A solution is made of somalata powder in water which clears the respiratory tract and provides instant relief during asthma attacks.
Harad Chebulic Myroblan Harad is chewed every night before retiring to bed. It helps in relieving asthmatic attacks.
Ajwain Bishop’s Weed Ajwain is an expectorant. Its bark is also used in powdered form which is a good remedy for asthmatic attacks.
Kaiphala Bay Berry The bark of the kaiphala tree is used in powdered form which is a very good remedy for bronchial asthma.
Sunthi or Adrak Ginger Ginger has been used since ancient times in several diseases and has expectorant properties. Hence it helps in asthma.
Velaiti Saunf Aniseed Aniseed is an expectorant. Hence it is beneficial in the treatment of asthma.
Lavanga Clove Clove also acts as a very good expectorant.
Vacha Calamus or Sweet Flag A very effective herb in the treatment of asthma is vacha. It helps in removing the phlegm from the bronchial tubes, which makes them free for respiration.