Ayurvedic Cure for Coma

In Ayurveda, Coma is known as Sanyas. Coma refers to a psychological state where the unconsciousness is profound. In this state, the patient can not be aroused. There are no reflexes even if the patient is pinched or disturbed. Only the involuntary functions like the respiration and the heart beat continues. The breathing is deep and heavy but the heart functions normally.


Coma is generally caused as a result of many diseases. It may be caused due to brights disease, high fever, cerebral tumor, meningitis, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus and overdose of insulin. Excessive intake of alcohol and a severe injury to the head may also lead to coma. If the patient remains in coma for a long period time, it may become fatal. Some cases of comamay also be caused due to thrombosis, malaria of the cerebrum, hyper tension, liver cirrhosis or blow to the head which causes compression or concussion.

According to ayurveda, the vitiation of the three doshas is responsible for the cause of coma. The cerebrum gets depressed due to the vitiation in the three doshas and this leads to coma.


There are a few medicines prescribed in ayurveda which are helpful in dealing with the cases of coma and to prevent another attack of coma:



Ashwagandharishta 20 ml mixed with equal quantity of water should be taken after meals two times daily.
Shankhapushpi Curna,


Yogendra rasa,

Murchhantaka Rasa

500 mg of Shankhapushpi Curna, 200 mg of Pravalpishti and 100 mg each of Yogendra rasa and Murchhantaka Rasa should be taken with cow’s ghee and honey three times in a day.
Mahakalyanaka Ghrita 10 gm of Mahakalyanaka Ghrita should be taken with cow’s milk at breakfast.
Shatavari Taila,

Shri Gopal Taila

2 parts of Shatavari Taila mixed with 1 part of Shri Gopal Taila should be used to massage the head and body.
Kevanch Phali It may rubbed on his body to revive him from the state of unconsciousness.



  • A diet which is easy to digest is recommended. Hard to digest food should not be given. Spices and fried foods should also be avoided.
  • The patient should not suffer from constipation. A mild laxative may be given to get rid of constipation.
  • Vigorous exercise, tensions, worries and mental strain should be avoided.
  • If coma is due to diabetes mellitus, the level of blood sugar should be reduced to normal level and if it is due to high blood pressure, the first thing done should be to bring the pressure to normal level.