Ayurvedic Cure for Common Cold

In Ayurveda, common cold is known as Pratishyaya. A pattern of illness is caused by many different viruses known as common cold. The disease is of harmless nature and it may occur any time of the year but most commonly in the winter seasons.


A virus known as Rhinovirus is the main cause of common cold. It may transmitted through contact from one person to another when an infected person spreads the virus through hand after touching eyes, inside of nose, mouth and by sharing utensils with an infected person.

There are numerous symptoms of common cold which starts within two days after infection. Sore throat is the beginning point of this disease and later symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and cough begins. The symptoms vary from person to person and different symptoms like blocked nose, scratchy throat may be noticed. Head ache, mild fever and chills may also accompany with cold and the patient may also have a feeling of fatigue. There may loss of appetite, swelling in the sinus and high fever occasionally.

According to ayurveda, cold is of five types:

  1. Caused due to Kapha.
  2. Caused due to Vata.
  3. Caused due to vitiation of Pitta.
  4. Caused due to disorders of the blood.
  5. Caused due to the three doshas which is chronic cold.



Chitrak Hiratiki 10 gm should be taken with warm milk in the morning and night just before retiring to the bed.
Madhuyasthyadi Quath 25 ml should be taken with equal quantity of water three times daily.
Mahalaxmi Vilas 100 mg should be mixed with a powder of mulethi and honey and taken two times in a day.
Vyoshadya Churma 2 gm should be taken with warm water after meals two times in a day.
Vyoshadi Vati It can be sucked as a lozenge three to four times in a day.
Laxmivilas Churna,

Shring Bhasma,


100 mg each of Laxmivilas Churna, Shring Bhasma and 200 mg of Narsar should be taken with warm water three times in a day.



There are numerous home remedies for common cold which may be very helpful along with the ayurvedic medicines prescribed for common cold.

  • Saline or salt water may be used as nasal drops for dry and stuffy nose. Half table spoon of table salt should be mixed in about 10 ml of water and used as drops. This is very effective.
  • Honey and ginger juice should be mixed in equal quantities and taken three times in a day proves to be very beneficial.
  • One tea spoon of lemon juice and honey each should be mixed in a cup of warm water and taken two or three times in a day. This also is a very good remedy for common cold.
  • A powder made of equal amounts of ginger powder, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon should be taken with little honey at night. It cures common cold very fast.
  • For runny nose, turmeric should be burned and the smoke should be inhaled. It proved relief to a great extent. Also smoke of the root of amaltas proved quick and relief.
  • Decoction made of bran should be given at bed time.
  • A few cloves of garlic and a little gur should be crushed together and given before going t bed. This cures cold and induces proper sleep.


  • A person suffering from cold should not take fried and spicy foods. All cold items like cold drinks, ice creams, curd should be avoided.
  • Hot soups, vegetables with bitter and sour taste should be preferred. Light and easily digestible diet should be taken.
  • Milk boiled with a few cloves of garlic is excellent.