Ayurvedic Cure for Erysipelas

In Ayurveda, erysipelas is known as Visarpa. It is a skin and subcutaneous tissue disease. This skin disease is of a particular type and it spreads very fast like a snake, hence it is called visarpa. The characteristics of this disease are inflammation of the skin and the tissue along with fever.


Ayurveda believes that this disease is caused due to the vitiation of all the doshas and pitta dosha being the primary dosha. Then the blood, skin and muscles also get vitiated.

There are numerous symptoms of this disease which are very peculiar. When it is in the starting stage and mild form, the skin becomes hard, thick and red in color and also small vesicles are seen on the skin. These may even form ulcers on the skin. Slowly the redness may spread to the whole body and if the tissue is involved pus may be formed even under the skin.

The patient feels drowsy, sick and thirst, diarrhea and high fever are also seen. Sometimes shivering is also there. The inflammation has to be controlled early and if left untreated it may involve the throat, the wind pipe and sometimes the membranes of the brain. This may have fatal results. According to doshas, erysipelas has been divided into various categories;

1.      Pitta type- High fever, thirst, nausea and vomiting are seen. The inflamed skin becomes reddish, bluish or blackish in color.

2.      Kapa type– Fever with chills, drowsiness, and loss of appetite, heaviness and vomiting are symptoms. The inflamed skin has whitish pale color.

3.      Vata type- The inflamed skin becomes very dry with many scratches and is blackish in color. There is severe pain and also burning sensation on the skin.

4.      Kardam visarpa (kapha – Pitta) – The affected skin has red swellings and boils or eruptions which are yellowish in color. It is also very painful.

5.      Agni visarpa (Vata – Pitta) – In this the toxins are in blood, which produce boils on the skin. These boils look very similar to burns. The condition is also coupled with high fever.

6.      Granthi visarpa (kaph – Vata) – Different types of glandular swelling appear on the skin and is accompanied by severe pain. The patient suffers from cough and fainting. This is a serious condition.






Nimbadi Quath 30ml should be given once in the morning.
Pippali Churna,

Kalagnirudra Rasa

100 mg each of Pippali Churna and Kalagnirudra Rasa should be given with honey three times in a day.
Rasa Manikya 50mg to be given twice a day.
Maha Manjisthadyarishta 20ml should be given three times in a day after meals.



Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines there are certain home remedies which are beneficial for the treatment of this disease.

  • The best home remedy is to give herbs which are of cooling type. Amalaki, lotus, patola, sandalwood, jitasaya are few such herbs. A mixture of any two herbs can be given two times in a day.
  • Also medicated ghee should be administered. Panchatika Ghee and Guduchi Ghee are two best known medicated ghees for erysipelas.
  • Dashangalepa mixed with ghee made from cow’s milk should be used to treat the inflamed skin. Applying it over the affected part of the skin gives soothing relief.


  • The diet should be the same as the diet for other fevers. Simple, light and easy to digest foods should be given. Hard to digest, fatty and spicy foods should be avoided.
  • Cold baths should be avoided and also the patient should not be exposed to cold winds as they may aggravate the condition.