Ayurvedic Cure for Hiccoughs

In Ayurveda, hiccough is known as Hikka Roga. It is also known as hiccups. It happens due to spasmodic in drawing of air into the lungs, which results in a whoop. It happens due to involuntary contractions of the diaphragm.


The general cause of hiccup is some irritation of the nerve of the diaphragm, which produces sudden contractions. Disorder of the digestion may also be the cause of hiccups.

According to ayurveda, hiccups are caused to the aggravation and upward movement of vayu. Nervousness, anxiety and anger may also cause hiccups, this depends upon the dosha involved.


  • The best remedy for this condition is the ash of a peacock feather. It is known as Mayura Chandrika Bhasma and is easily available. One tea spoon full should be mixed with pure honey and taken six times in a day.
  • Eladi Vati should be sucked four to six times in a day or it can be grounded and mixed with honey and taken as a linctus.
  • Sukumara Ghrita should be given in dose of 1tea spoon full with milk three times daily.
  • Hingutriguna Taila should be used for massaging the abdomen.


  • Cardamom is useful for hiccups. Cardamom seeds powder should be mixed with honey and taken.
  • Kulatha is also helful for hiccups. It can be taken in the form of soup or dal.
  • A paper bag should be placed over the mouth and nose and the patient should breathe in and out.


  • Fatty and heavy foods should be avoided. Light and liquid is good for this condition.