Ayurvedic Treatment for Hoarseness

ayurveda cure for hoarsenessIn Ayurveda, hoarseness is known as Swarabheda. Hoarseness occurs when there is inflammation of the throat which includes the larynx and the pharynx.


The primary and main cause of hoarseness in voice is infection of the larynx and pharynx. Tuberculosis and other lung infections are also other main causes of hoarseness. It may also be caused by frequently taking hot and cold substances alternately. Any abnormal growth may also lead to hoarseness of voice.

Due to hoarseness of voice, the patient faces difficulty in speaking, there is pain in throat while swallowing or even talking. The tongue gets coated and cough and fever may also be seen.


Ayurvedic medicines may be useful in curing the problem of hoarseness. The most common ayurvedic medicines for hoarseness are given below.



Eladi vati or Khadiradi vati It should be sucked as lozenges. It is helpful in curing hoarseness.


A teaspoonful of mixture of these powders should be taken with honey four times in a day.
Irimedadai taila This is specially prepared medicated oil and is used for gargling. A few drops of this oil is mixed with a glass of lukewarm water and used for gargling. It relieves the pain and itch of throat and helps in hoarseness.



Home remedies may be very useful in the treatment of the hoarseness of voice. Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, the home remedies for voice hoarseness should also be followed.

  • Black pepper is considered to be very good for voice hoarseness. Half a tea spoon full of black pepper and one tea spoon full of butter should be mixed and taken. This gives relief from hoarseness.
  • A tea should be prepared only from ginger by peeling the skin off and boiling it in water. Honey can be added to make it sweet and it should be taken. It provides instant relief from hoarseness.
  • Honey and juice of basil leaves should be mixed and taken. This is a very simple but great remedy for hoarseness.
  • A drink made from onion syrup, lemon and honey is also very beneficial in restoring the voice.
  • Turmeric also is considered to be very useful. It should be added to hot milk and taken to get relief.


  • It is very important to avoid sour and fatty foods. Chillies should also be avoided.
  • Plenty of water should be taken and inhaling steam also gives relief from voice hoarseness.
  • The patient should not speak much and rest should be given to voice.