Ayurvedic Cure for Cataract

In Ayurveda, Cataract is known as Timira or Linganaasha. Cataract is the cloudiness of the eye lens. With age, the lens of the eye loses its transparency and become opaque and hard. Due to this the vision gets partially or completely blocked and this state is called cataract.


There are numerous causes for the development of cataract.

  • Advancing age is the most common cause of all the cataracts. As a person grows older the eye lens become opaque and cloudy. This is known as senile cataract.
  • Some diseases like diabetes or asthma are also one of the causes of cataract. This type of cataract is known as complicated cataract.
  • An injury, a foreign particle entering the eye or exposure to intense heat may cause a lot of damage to the eye lens. This may also lead to cataract known as traumatic cataract.
  • X-rays, radium and nuclear energy may also lead to cataract known as irradiation cataract.
  • If electric current passes through the body it may also become a cause of the cataract known as electric cataract.
  • During pregnancy if the mother suffered from German measles then there is a chance that the baby born might have cataract at birth. This is known as congenital cataract.
  • Many eye medicines like eye drops when used for long periods of time may lead to cataracts. Also smoking can cause cataract as tobacco is highly toxic. This is known as toxic cataract.

The major symptoms which are common to all the form of cataracts are as follows:

  • Eyes become very sensitive to light and the vision becomes blurred day by day making it difficult to focus on objects properly.
  • Double vision may be noticed in any one or both the eyes.
  • Optical glasses are needed, reading and seeing anything is very difficult if the light is poor.
  • Day by day the pupils begin to grow milky white in color.

According to ayurveda, cataract is caused due to the aggravation of the vata dosha. Due to this, the eye lens loses its moisture and suppleness which dries up the eye ball and the eye lens become opaque leading to cataract.


The best way to treat with cataract is to reduce the aggravation of the vata and medicated ghee is the best remedy for this. The ayurvedic medicines prescribed for the treatment of cataract are:

  1. Maha Triphala Ghrita The main ingredients of Maha Triphala ghrita are triphala and cow’s ghee. This is the best remedy for cataract but it is only helpful in the initial stages of the disease. It should be given in the dose of two tea spoon full two times daily along with warm milk.
  2. Triphala – This is also very beneficial for cataract. It is a combination of Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Triphala powder must be taken with water after it is soaked over night and this water should be used to wash eyes. It also helps to cure constipation.
  3. Chandrodaya Vati – It should be rubbed with honey and made into a paste and applied to eyes. It irritates a little but it helps in blood circulation and promotes tears (lacrimation) and provides nourishment to the eye tissues.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic preparations there are many herbs which have been used since ages to prevent and treat the cataract.

Ayurvedic Name

Common English Name


Amla Indian Gooseberry Amla is the richest source of vitamin C in the world and its regular consumption helps to maintain the texture and transparency of the eye lens.
Velaiti Saunf Aniseed The cataract can be reduced by taking aniseed in the morning daily.
Amboti ka patti Indian Sorrel The juice of the amboti ka patti is put into the eye everyday with which the chances of opacity of the eye lens reduces.
Prajmoda Parsley Raw parsley juice mixed with carrot juice is an Ayurvedic remedy for almost all eye disorders. The opacity of the eye lens is removed and the eyes become more active.
Haldi Turmeric Haldi has a cooling effect on the body. When taken everyday on a regular basis helps to reduce cloudiness of the eye lens keeping them healthy.



  • Carrot juice is a very good and simple home remedy for cataract. It should be taken twice daily on a regular basis. Also grapes and oranges help to heal cataract.
  • Cardamom should be boiled in the milk and taken at night. This helps in cataract.
  • Garlic helps in cleaning the crystalline lens of the eye and should be included in the diet. A simple home remedy for cataract.
  • A very simple and beneficial home remedy for cataract is to take raisins and dates which have been soaked in water over night.
  • Make a paste of almonds, pepper, water and sugar. Taking this is also useful in curing cataract.


A proper and healthy diet can help in the prevention of the cataract.

  • Bitter, pungent and sour foods should be avoided. Also refined cereals, potatoes, bread, strong tea and coffee, sauces and pickles should b avoided.
  • Cow’s milk and products made from cow’s milk are very beneficial during this condition.
  • Fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, bananas and pomegranate and vegetables like spinach, lady’s finger, fenugreek and drumsticks are recommended.
  • Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E should be included in the diet.
  • Excessive exposure to the heat and sunlight must be avoided as this may damage the eye lens.
  • Coming in direct contact with toxic fumes and use of eye medications for prolonged periods of time should be avoided.
  • Eyes to should not be exposed to X-rays, microwaves and infrared radiation.
  • Eye check up is advised on a regular basis.
  • Simple eye exercises should be done which helps in relaxing and strengthening the eye muscles.