Ayurvedic Cure for Hysteria

In Ayurveda, hysteria is known as Yoshapasmara. It is also known as Unmada in ayurveda. This disease is generally seen more in females than males. It is an emotion reaction and is commonly expressed in an abnormal manner by the patient. The purpose of this is to attract the attention of family members and gain their sympathy.Ayurvedic cure for hysteria


Emotional and neurotic factors are the causes n most of the chronic and extreme cases of hysteria. Depending upon the response to the situation, the symptoms differ. The symptoms of hysteria are spasms and contraction of the limbs, convulsive seizures, affliction of the various internal organs, paralysis and loss of sensation over areas of the body.

According to ayurveda hysteria is another form of epilepsy. Hysteria mainly affects those people who have a weak will power and who give up to fantasies. Some changes in the internal organs of the body may take place during hysteria. Hiccups, excessive vomiting, complete loss of appetite, barking noises, diarrhea and improper blood circulation may be noticed during hysteria. The joint of the hip or the knee may get swollen, stiff and painful.


Hysteria can be treated with the following ayurvedic preparations.

  • Maha Abhra Vati – 100 mg with honey to be given to the patient.
  • Apasmarantaka Rasa – 100mg with ginger juice should be given to the patient twice daily.
  • Saraswatarishta – 15-20ml mixed with equal quantity of water should be given two times daily to the patient after meals.
  • Marjata Kasturi – 100 mg should be given to the patient. It should be mixed with either ghee or brahmi juice.
  • Mahakalyanaka Ghrita – 15gm should be taken with cow’s milk and sugar twice daily.

Apart from the above said medicines, the following ayurvedic preparations are also very beneficial for the treatment of this disease.

Ø      Ashwagandharishta – This is a very important remedy for hysteria as it induces sound sleep in the patient. Ashwagandha is known for promoting sleep and this is very helpful to those patients of hysteria who complaint of disturbed sleep or insomnia.

15-20ml should be mixed with equal quantity of water and given to the patient two times daily after meals.

Ø      Shankhapushpi, Vacha and Brahmi – these three are also potent herb for mind and ar every beneficial in mental disorders.

A mixture is made of al the three herds and 1gm of the mixture is taken with hot milk three times daily.

Ø      Jatiphaladi Churna – This is very helpful in curing colitis. Many hysteria patients complaint of chronic colitis and this is given to such patients. It is helpful in relieving the patient’s mental tension and also colitis.

One teaspoonful of Jatiphaladi Churna is given with buttermilk three times in a day to the patient.



Many home remedies are there which prove to be beneficial for the disease of hysteria.

  • Almond oil is very good for the patient of hysteria. One teaspoonful should be mixed with hot milk and given daily to the patient at bed time.
  • The patient should not suffer from constipation. It should be cured first and for this a mild laxative can be given to the patient. Also indigestion and flatulence should be prevented. Taking lemon juice and black salt can be helpful for this.
  • During the attack, onion juice can be put in each nostril.
  • All such books, videos should be avoided which may excite the patient or ignite libido.


  • The patient may be given a normal diet but all such foods which cause indigestion or constipation should be avoided.
  • Garlic, onion, black salt and asafetida should be included in the diet as these are beneficial to the patients.
  • The patient should be kept away from tensions and worries. All such causes should be avoided and the patient should be kept busy in some work and not be allowed to sit idle.