Ayurvedic Cure for Leucorrhoea

Cure for LeucorrhoeaIn Ayurveda, leucorrhoea is known as Shweta Pradara. It is also known as whites. This is a condition in which there is a discharge of a whitish fluid from the vagina. The vaginal flow is foul smelling, viscid and thick. This is a serious disease and if it is not treated it may cause other problems.


The main cause of this disease is infection and some hormonal and metabolic disorders are also responsible for this disease. Indigestion, abortion, sedentary life style, trauma, anaemia, weakness, poor diet, frequent child bearing etc are also some of the prominent causes. It may also be due to the inflammation of the womb and displacement of the uterus. Among young females, it is generally due to thread worms. According to ayurveda, this is caused due to vitiation of kapha.

The patient feels weak, has pain in the back and calves, there is a loss of vital fluids, itching on and around vulva, thighs and thigh joints. A burning sensation may also be present along with constipation.



The most important medicine for this condition is Pradarantaka Lauha, in which iron is the major part. The following ayurvedic medicines are used for the cure of leucorrhoea.

Ayurvedic Cure 1

  • Chandaprabha – 500mg
  • Pradarantaka Louh – 250mg
  • Pushyanuga chuma – 1gm

These has to be taken twice daily with decoction of root of kusha grass.

 Ayurvedic Cure 2

  • Yashada Bhasma – 125mg
  • KukkutanandaTwakaBhasma – 250mg
  • Amla churna (Powder) – 500mg

Take a dose in the morning and evening with honey.

Ayurvedic Cure 3

  • Chandraprabha – 500mg
  • Triphala Powder – 3gm

This has to be taken at midday and night with warm water.

Ayurvedic Cure 4

  • Darukadi Churna – 6gm

This is to be taken last thing at night with cow’s milk.

Ayurvedic Cure 5

  • 20ml of Ashokarishta, mixed with equal quantity of water should be taken after meals daily.


  • In addition to the medicines given above, the genital tract should be regularly douched with a decoction of the bark of banyan tree or the fig tree. Douching with this decoction keeps the vaginal tract healthy and clean.
  • Soak about 10gm of dry coriander in 100ml of water over night and this water should be taken in the morning. This gives relief in seven to ten days. This is another very simple and effective home remedy.


A strict dietary regimen is necessary for this condition.

  • Fried, spicy food and pickles are to be avoided.
  • Betel nut should be chewed after meals. This is curative and also prevents the disease from developing further.
  • All kinds of mental strain and sexual intercourse should be avoided.