Ayurvedic Cure for Poliomyelitis

Ayurveda PoliomyelitisIn ayurveda, it is known as Shaishaviya Angaghata or Balapakshaghata. It is commonly referred to as Polio. It is a form of infantile attack and mostly children get attacked by this. It is a highly infectious disease and enters the body through the mouth and directly attacks the central nervous system. Ayurveda can help in the pain that the sufferers experience and can also helps in recovery greatly, but polio cannot be cured.


According to allopathy, polio is the result of an infectious disease which involves the brain and the spinal cord. It starts as a slight indisposition in the child when he may be a little off colour. Fever follows by loss of muscle tone and finally paralysis. Sometimes, paralysis of the limbs may be quite sudden with a sharp rise in temperature. If the respiratory muscle is affected, it may also cause death. If only the spinal cord is affected, the lower limbs may be paralyzed and this is the most common case.

According to ayurveda, polio is caused due to the vitiation of vata.


The following medicines can be taken during the initial stages of polio. This is during the first three weeks.



Dhara Sweda Decoction made of Rasnadi and Dashmula Quath should be heated and poured over the affected organs.
Medicated Castor Oil 5 ml to be given early morning along with Dashmula Quath and Rasnadi.
Mukta Pishti,

Balachaturbhadra Churna

30 mg of Mukta Pishti and 1gm of Balachaturbhadra Churna should be given thrice daily with honey and powdered cardamom.



After three weeks, the following treatment should be adopted.



Mahanarayana Taila It is used for massaging the affected parts.
Seesaka Bhasma,

Yasad Bhasma,

Rajat Bhasma

15-30 mg of Seesaka Bhasma, 30-60 mg of Yasad Bhasma and 15-30 mg of Rajat Bhasma should be given with decoction of Prasarini two times in a day.


A hot water bag may used to relieve pain.


Some herbs and spices are recommended for polio in ayurveda. They are

  • Black pepper
  • Licorice
  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • fennel


The patient is advised to take light, easily digestible food. Physiotherapy is also recommended for the afflicted parts of the body.