Ayurvedic Cure for Haematuria

In Ayurveda, the terminology used for Haematuria is Adhoga Rakta Pitta. Hematuria is the condition when blood passes in the urine. In some of the extreme cases, only blood is passed while urinating. It is a sign of the presence of a kidney stone or a tumor in the ureter, kidneys and the urinary tract, urinary bladder, prostate or the urethra.


The primary cause of Hematuria is infection in the genitor-urinary tract. It can also happen due to the presence of stones in the tract. It is also sometimes caused due to the inflammation of the bladder or the kidneys. The presence of blood in the urine gives it a brownish or smoky colour. High blood pressure, protein in the urine or kidney cysts, tumors can also cause haematuria. Bladder cancer may also lead to the development of haematuria.

According to ayurveda, Adhoga Rakta Pitta is caused due to the downward vitiation of the pitta in the blood.


There are three main medicines in ayurveda which are prescribed for the condition of haematuria which are GOKSHURA, SHILAJIT and GUDUCHI.

  1. GOKSHURA – It is the drug of choice for the disease of haematuria. A powder is prepared from the seeds of gokshura.

The dose – One teaspoon full of the powder is mixed with honey and taken two times in a day.

  1. SHILAJIT – This is another drug which is prescribed for haematuria.

The dose – One teaspoonful is to be taken with lukewarm milk twice daily.

  1. GUDUCHI – This is also a commonly prescribed medicine for haematuria.

The dose – The guduchi powder is to be taken thrice daily.


  • Vegetables such as bitter gourd and drumsticks are good for this condition. Hot and spicy foods should be avoided.
  • Plenty of water should be taken. Juice made of white pumpkin and sugar cane is considered to be good and helps in recovering fast. Pomegranate and amla can be taken in any form and are very useful.
  • Alcohol and other drinks should be avoided. The patient must totally abstain from sexual intercourse.