Ayurvedic Cure for Haemorrhage

In Ayurveda, Haemorrhage is known as Rakta Pitta. Any escape of blood from the vessels carrying the blood is known as Haemorrhage. It is the loss of blood from the capillary system. In this disease, the bleeding may be both external as well as internal. Externally the bleeding can be through a natural opening in the body like the mouth or rectum, the vagina or through a cut or break in the skin. Internally the blood leaks from the blood vessels inside the body.



A haemorrhage may be caused either due to an injury or due to some other disorder of an internal organ. An external haemorrhage may be caused as in the case of an injury but an internal one is caused as in a fight, if the ulcer bursts in the stomach etc.

Haemorrhage may be arterial or venous. The venous haemorrhage is not as serous as arterial haemorrhage. If the haemorrhage is not treated in time t can lead to serious conditions due to excessive blood loss. The patient may have to be hospitalised for blood transfusion in serious cases of blood loss.

According to the ayurveda, haemorrhage is due to the vitiation of the pita in the blood. In ayurveda, the bleeding is not immediately stopped and blood is allowed to flow for some time so that the toxins also flow out with the blood. If the blood is stopped immediately, it may give rise to other diseases such as fever, fainting etc.



Some ayurvedic medicinal preparations for rakta pitta are



Raktapittakulakanda Rasa 500mg to be given three times daily.
Kushmanda 50ml to begiven three times daily after meals.
Pravala Pishti 1gm to be taken thrice daily.


Apart from the above mentioned medicines some other useful ayurvedic medicines for the condition are USHIRASAVA, CHANDRAKALA RASA and MAHAPITTANTAKA RASA.



  • All the food items which aggravate the pitta should be avoided.
  • Amla is considered to be highly beneficial for this condition. Also fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, dates are considered to be very good and are recommended.
  • The patients should take complete rest and also try to avoid excessive heat during summers and stay in cool surroundings.