Ayurvedic Cure for Impotence

Ayurveda for Impotence
In Ayurveda, impotence is known as Klaivya. This disease is seen only in males. The same disease for females is known as Frigidity. Impotence is defined as the inability to perform the sexual act or incomplete performance or failure to reach orgasm which does not satisfy the female partner.


The causes for impotency could be either organic or functional. Psychological reason is the most common for a man who fails to get an erection. This may be due to overtiredness, over stress, worries etc. Apart from these other causes for impotence may be problems in the external genitals, tight foreskin of the glans of penis, disturbance of endocrine glands, non erectile power of penis, excessive use of alcohol, diabetes, low activity of the gonads, thyroid gland and pituitary gland. Ignorance, fear, weakness of sexual organs, less or immobility of sperms may also be the reasons for impotency.

According to ayurveda, the vitiation of any of the three doshas of the body – vata, pita and kapha or the combination of all the three doshas may lead to impotency.


For a male suffering from organic type of impotence, like a tight fore skin, the only way for the cure is through surgery. For other type of impotency, aphrodisiacs have been used since ages.

  • ASHWAGANDHA is the common medicine for this disorder. 5-10 gms should be taken daily with warm water or milk two times daily.
  • MUSLI PAK is also good for this condition and can be taken in the dose of one teaspoonful with warm milk twice daily. This also shows good results.
  • ASHWAGANDHARISHTA can be taken in dose of 10-15 ml mixed with equal quantity of water twice daily.
  • Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, other medicines like Badam Pak, Kamadeva chooran, Gokhshuradi Chooran, Madanananda Modak, Narsigha Choorna, Vanari Gutika, Apatyakar Swaras, Shukra Vallabh Rasa, kapikachu may also be given but under the guidance of ayurvedic doctor.


There are also certain home remedies for the treatment of impotence which are very beneficial.

Ø      Dried dates are very useful for this condition. It should be taken daily. Black raisins are also useful.

Ø      Garlic is also a natural aphrodisiac. It works very well in all types of impotence and its regular use keeps a man fit and fertile.


Ø      The patient should take a high protein diet which is very beneficial for him. Eggs, fish, testicles of goat, eggs of a crocodile, ghee, butter, urad dal are considered to be very good for impotency.

Ø      Fruits and vegetables like apples, mangoes, jack fruit, grapes, tomatoes, beets and other dry fruits should also be a part of the patients’ diet.

Ø      Mental tension should also be avoided.