Ayurvedic Cure for Intestinal Worms

Cure for Intestinal WormsIn Ayurveda, this is known as Krimi Rog. Intestinal Worms are basically parasites. Human beings as well as animals get infected by this parasite. Intestinal worms may further give rise to many other symptoms which may give trouble and may also lead to severe complications. The most common parasites found in human intestines are: tape worms, hook worms round warms, thread worms,whip worms, pin worms and giardia.

These parasites generally enter in your body in one of four ways –

1.      Through food and water.

2.      Through transmitting agent, such as a mosquito.

3.      Through nose and skin.

4.      Sexual contact.


  • The presence of such parasites in the intestines gives rise to symptoms such as Voracious appetite, anaemia and pale face, diarrhea and headache.
  • The thread worms give rise to severe irritation round the anus and the patient is forced to scratch it.
  • Round worms may cause cough, vomiting, loss of appetite and nausea.
  • Hook worms lead to anaemia since these suck blood of the patient.
  • Sometimes itching of the skin, weight loss and bloody stools may also be seen.

Some of the main factors responsible for getting you intestinal worms are:

  1. When contaminated food is eaten.
  2. Eating raw food or a food which is not properly cooked.
  3. Visiting an area where sanitation is very poor.
  4. When personal cleanliness is not good.
  5. Sometimes worms enter the human body through bare foot, when you are walking on an infected earth.


250gm of krimighan rasa with juice of moosa-karnior or nagannotha kwath should be taken three times daily.

A decoction of Vidanga and 250gm krimi kashthanal rasa should be mixed and the mixture should be taken three times daily till some relief is achieved.

250mg of keet mard ras with decoction of Nagar motha to be taken three times daily. This is helpful in treating intestinal worms.

250gm of krimi Kalanal Rasa and the decoction of Coriander and Cumin should be mixed. This mixture is to be taken at least three times daily.

1gm of kamipallak churna and 1gm of kirmani ajwain churna should be taken thrice daily.


Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, certain home remedies are also useful.

  • Papaya – Papaya juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey may be taken in the morning.
  • Seeds of Gourd – 200 mg of seeds of bitter gourd taken daily with buttermilk are also good for intestinal worms.
  • Carrot – A cup of grated Carrot in the morning one hour before breakfast, for at least four to five days should be taken.
  • Haridra (Curcuma Longa) – Haridra is very helpful in treating intestinal worms. It should be mixed in milk and given.
  • Mandar – Tender leaves of the indian coral, mandar with honey is very helpful in the treatment of intestinal worms.
  • Pomegranate – Pomegranate leaves should be crushed and boiled in a glass of milk. Drink half of it early in the morning, empty stomach. And rest of it drink after two hours.
  • Coconut and Garlic are also beneficial herbs for intestinal worms.


  • The patient should be kept on a light diet. Foods which are not easy to digest should be avoided.
  • Sweet food should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Bitter items like bitter gourd and neem flowers should be introduced into the diet of older patients.
  • In addition to intestinal worms if there is constipation, purgative should be given.
  • Fasting for at least one day in a week is also helpful.