Ayurvedic Cure for Jaundice

Cure for JaundiceIn Ayurveda, Jaundice is known as Kamala. This is a condition in which the skin gets discolored. This happens because the bile pigment gets deposited in the deeper layers of the skin.


Jaundice may be caused when the liver gets inflamed which is known as hepatitis. It can also be caused when some poisonous substances get ingested into the body which cannot be dealt by the liver. Many diseases of the liver result in jaundice.

The yellow colour appears first in the whites of the eyes and then slowly spreads to the whole skin. This yellow color of the skin is due to the excess of bile pigment circulating in the blood. The appetite is lost and the digestion also gets hampered. The liver cannot function properly and digest the fat. Nausea may also be seen in some cases. If the liver gets inflamed, the patient may also experience pain.


The treatment of jaundice should start with purgation. There should be no burden on the liver. The bile should be expelled from the body and for this even a diuretic can be given.

1.      TRIVARI and KATUKI are two major drugs for starting the treatment of jaundice. One to two teaspoonfuls of the powders should be given with hot water twice daily.

2.      AVIPATTIKAR CHURNA and AROGYAVARDHINI VATI is another well known combination of ayurvedic drugs used for the treatment of jaundice. One teaspoonful of the churna should be given hot water twice a day. 250mg tablet of Arogyavardhini vati should be given thrice daily with hot water or honey.

3.      VASAKA, KAKAMACHI and TRIPHALA are the other known ayurvedic drugs used in the treatment of jaundice.

4.      BHUMIAMLA, PUNARNANA MANDOOR and KUMARIASAVA are also beneficial.


  • The best home remedy is to soak a piece of bark of the peepal tree in water over night and drink the water in morning. This helps in the flow of copious urine in the patient.
  • Aloe Vera should be given to the patient, which helps in detoxifying the liver and thus improves its functioning.


  • Sweet substances and liquids like sugarcane juice, dry grapes, fruit juice, should be the main part of the patient’s diet. Vegetables such as tomatoes and radish are beneficial. Lemons are very important.
  • Buttermilk is the best thing for the patient suffering from jaundice.
  • Spicy food, fats, alcohol and tobacco should be completely avoided. Also non-vegetarian foods, cakes and pastries, chocolates and ice creams should be kept away.