Ayurvedic Cure for Myopia

Ayurveda Myopia

In Ayurveda, Myopia is known as Drishti Dosha. It is also called short or near sightedness. Myopia is a condition of short sight in which the lens of the eye become highly convex(or when the eye-ball is too long), rays of light before reaching the retina are brought to a focus, and thus form circles of diffused light upon it. This is opposite of long vision (hypermetropia).


Myopia is common in the young; the patient generally faces difficulty in viewing objects which are at a long distance.


Abnormal refractivity of the visual media is one of the causes of myopia.

Myopia can also occur when there is a change in the curvature of the visual refracting surface.


  • While seeing the far off or distant objects, the vision is blurred. Even the patient cannot recognize the well known person.
  • The eyes may water due to strain, itching and a sensation of burning and heaviness may be experienced in the eyes.
  • Improper sleep, headache, pain in neck and cervical portion may also be the symptoms of the myopia.


Before the treatment of myopia, the patient should first be cured from cold and constipation. For these the following two remedies are useful.


This helps in curing constipation. It should be given to the patient at night time. Also eyes should be washed with triphala water.


Cold and nasal congestion can be removed by dropping five to six drops of this in each nostril.

The four most effective and commonly used ayurvedic medications to treat myopia are:-

YASHTI MADHU – One teaspoonful mixed with half a teaspoon of pure ghee and a teaspoonful of honey should be given twice daily on an empty stomach.

MAHA TRIPHALA GHRITA – Maha Triphala Ghrita is medicated ghee which checks progressive myopia. Maha Triphala Ghrita is prepared by boiling Triphala powder along with other drugs. One teaspoonful of Maha Triphala Ghrita with lukewarm milk should be taken twice daily. In case of constipation, the dose may be increased to three teaspoonfuls.

SAPTAMRITA LAUHA – It is prescribed for those patients who suffer myopia due to nervous debility. One teaspoonful of this powder mixed with a cup of milk should be taken twice daily.


  • Fried foods are to be prohibited. Pungent and sour foods like curd, pickles and spices are also to be avoided.
  • Strain to the eyes should be avoided. One should give rest to eyes in frequent intervals.
  • Reading and writing at night is not permitted.
  • One should walk bare footed on dew covered grass.
  • Reading should not be done while lying in bed.