Ayurvedic Cure for Pneumonia

Ayurveda cure for PneumoniaIn ayurveda, Pneumonia is known as Shwasanat Jwara. It is the inflammation of one lung, and double pneumonia is the inflammation of both the lungs. The air sacks are filled with thick secretions and become solid in the later stages of the disease. It is due to viral infection that affects the lungs.


Pneumonia is caused by an organism called Pneumococcus, which has an incubation period of two to six days. The attack begins with a fit of shivering, the temp rises at once, the pulse is rapid and the breathing becomes shallow and painful. The patient coughs a lot and the phlegm produced is sticky and sometimes blood is also seen in it. Sometimes the patient perspires a lot and may feel extreme weakness.

According to ayurveda, pneumonia is caused due to the disturbance of the vata dosha in the body.


During the initial stage of the disease, the following medicines are recommended.



Ashtadashang Quath 150 ml to be taken once daily in the morning.



Rasa Sindur,


Shringa Bhasma

240 mg of Narsar and 120 mg each of Rasa Sindur, Shringrabhra, Shringa Bhasma should be taken twice daily with ginger juice.


If the patient suffers from rapid breathing, the following medicines should be given



Talishadi churna,




6gm Talishadi churna, 1gm Yavakshara and 0.5gm Chandramrita should me mixed with 12gm of Lisora syrup and used as a linctus.
Mayor Pichha Bhasma,

Swash Kasa Chintamani,

Rock Salt,

Kakarasingi Churna,


Pippali Churna

120mg each of Mayor Pichha Bhasma,

Swash Kasa Chintamani,

Rock Salt and Pippali Churna, 360mg of Apamargakshara and 5gm of Kakarasingi Churna should be taken with honey four times a day.

  • Apart from the above, preparations like Chaturbhuja Rasa, Vata Chintamani, Shringabhasma, Kasturibhairava Rasa, Naradeeya Laxmivilasa Rasa, Tribhuvanakirti Rasa should also be given.
  • Dashanga Lepa should be used for massaging the chest.
  • When fever suddenly goes down, the following prescription is the best.

Visheshwar Rasa and Kasturibhairava in quantities of 120mg each and 180mg of Saubhagya Vati should be given six times with honey and cardamom powder.


Some safe herbal and home remedies of pneumonia are.

  1. GARLIC – It is a good herbal remedy for pneumonia. It basically brings down the body temperature, thereby helping to cure pneumonia. A paste of garlic can also be applied externally on the chest which is also very beneficial.
  2. SESAME SEEDS – These are also very beneficial in the treatment of pneumonia.
  3. TURPENTINE OIL – The pain can be relieved by applying turpentine oil over rib cage. Then it should be wrapped with a warm cotton wool.
  4. Some other spices and herbs like TURMERIC, CINNAMON, GINGER, CARDAMOM and JAGGERY are also beneficial for the treatment of pneumonia.

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  • Light and easily digestible foods should be a part of the diet. Warm soups are recommended.
  • The patient should be protected against cold till the fever persists.
  • Alkali based foods or those which create acidity when digested should be avoided.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables should be a part of the diet.
  • Foods such as rice, sugar and curd should be limited as they help in building up of phlegm in the lungs.