Ayurvedic Cure for Sterility

Ayurveda sterlity cureIn ayurveda, sterility is known as Vandhyatva. When a male fails or is incapable to impregnate a female and when a female is unable to conceive, it is known as Sterility. A male is said to be sterile if the seminal fluid of the male does not contain the sperms that are needed to impregnate the ova in the female. Thus, male sterility generally happens when the semen is lacking with the required number of active sperms.


According to ayurveda, the general causes of sterility among males and females are :-

  • Defective sperms or ova
  • Functional disorders of the reproductive organs
  • Trauma sustained by the genital organs
  • Deformities that result from injuries or diseases
  • Improper development of the reproductive organs



Sterility in males is due to absence of sperm in the semen. Sterility among males may be caused due to many reasons. Some of the reasons for male sterility are given below

  • Due to a venereal disease.
  • Due to any injury
  • Due to prolonged illness
  • Due to congenital deformities



Sterility among females may be caused by certain congenital deformities like

  • Mouth of the uterus may be clogged congenitally or by an inflammation
  • Inflammation of the mouth of the womb
  • If the uterus is displaced
  • Anemia and other diseases
  • Malnutrition and blood poisoning





The four effective Ayurvedic medications for sterility in males are

  1. ASHWAGANDHARISHTA – The basic ingredients of ashwagandharishta are ashwagandha and alcohol.

Dosage: 30 ml of ashwagandha should be mixed with equal quantity of water. The patient should be given this after food twice daily.

  1. ASHWAGANDHA LEHYA – Ashwagandha lehya can be taken in the powdery form. This is also prepared from ashwagandha.

Dosage: The patient should be given one teaspoonful twice daily with a cup of milk.

  1. MAKARADHWAJA – Makaradhwaja is the most commonly prescribed important Ayurvedic medicine to the patients suffering from sterility. It is prepared with purified Gold,Sulphur, and Mercury. This medicine shows miraculous effect.

Dosage: 125 mg of this medicine should be mixed with half-a-teaspoon of sugar and also of butter and this mixture should be given to the patient twice daily. This medicine should be in empty stomach.

  1. KAPIKACCHU – The seeds of this plant kapikacchu are used for preparing the medicine. The seeds are extracted and roasted and then finally they are grinded into the powdery form.

Dosage: One teaspoonful of the powder should be given to the patient twice daily with a cup of milk.






There are four effective ayurvedic medicines to treat female sterility


  1. SHILAJIT – One of the commonly prescribed medications for the female patients who suffer from sterility is shilajit. The functional defects in genital organs are rectified very quickly with the regular consumption of shilajit.

Dosage: The patient should have a teaspoonful twice daily.

  1. PHALA GHRITA – Phala ghrita is another popular Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of sterility in females.

Dosage: Two teaspoonfuls of phala ghrita should be given to the patient twice daily. It should be mixed with lukewarm milk and taken on an empty stomach.

  1. VANGA BHASMA – Another effective Ayurvedic medication to treat female sterility is Vanga Bhasma.

Dosage: 125 mg of this medicine mixed with half-a-teaspoon of honey should be given to the patient twice daily.

  1. BALA – This medicine is prepared from the plant named Bala. The root of the plant is used as medicine.

Dosage: A teaspoonful of Bala should be given to the patient in the morning along with a cup of milk.



  • The patient should be advised to avoid substances which are sour and pungent.
  • Fruits and sweet substances should be taken in huge quantities.
  • Milk, ghee and butter are very good for this condition.