Ayurvedic Cure for Syphilis

Ayurveda cure for syphilisIn ayurveda, Syphilis is known as Firanga. It is one of the most irritating venereal disease. It is a contagious disease and it develops slowly. Syphilis is one amongst the most popular and also one of the most fearful of the sexually transmitted diseases. It is compared with the most dreaded sexually transmitted disease which is AIDS.

Syphilis is a disorder of the blood and kapha dosha controls the circulation of blood. Hence, according to Ayurvedic principles, the treatment of syphilis is done as a disorder caused due to vitiation in the kaphadosha.


Syphilis begins as a sore where there is the site of infection. The most common cause of syphilis is through sexual intercourse with a person who is already suffering from this disease. Another way by which syphilis is caused is through transmission. A pregnant woman transfers this disease to her child. This is also known as congenital syphilis. Hence, there are two types of syphilis:-




The disease, syphilis does not arrive all at once but it occurs slowly in different stages.

  • PRIMARY STAGE – It begins from 10 to 90 days of the infection but mostly it begins after three weeks of the infection.

The first symptom of syphilis is seen in the form of a sore, which is called a chancre. The chancre is painless and is seen at that point from where the infection has passed, like the penis, rectum, vagina or even the mouth (in case of oral sex). Initially a swelling can be present on the chancre but after about four to six weeks it heals.

  • SECONDARY SYPHILIS – If not treated in the primary stage, syphilis during the secondary stage appears between two to six months.

During this stage, on both sides of the body symmetrical rash is seen. The rash is red in color and non-itchy. The trunks, the palms of the hands and the feet are the places where rash is most common. Also in the mouth and on the genitals, whitish lesions may be noticed. Fever and sore throats are also common during this stage.

  • TERTIARY STAGE – It may occur any time after one year from the secondary stage.

In this stage, anywhere on the body, soft tumerous growths are seen on the skin. These growths are called as gummas. These can also develop in the brain or the spinal cord where it may show fatal results.



The following medicinal preparations are helpful in the treatment of syphilis. They may be taken either single or in combination

  1. SARIVADYASAVA – 20 mg with water after meals should be given to the patient twice



  1. SARIVADYAVALEHA – 12 gm should be taken with milk ate the time of breakfast.


  1. SAVIRVARI – 200 mg should be given to the patient twice daily with sweetened milk.



  1. RASACHANDRADI YOGA – 500 mg capsule should be taken thrice daily.


  1. HIMGULAMRITA YOGA – one teaspoon should be taken thrice daily.


Apart from the above mentioned medicines, there are certain herbs which are also very helpful in the treatment of syphilis.

Ayurvedic Name English Name Benefits 
Akhroota Walnut The walnut gives relief from some of the symptoms of syphilis.
Kanghi Indian Mallow  Helpful in the primary stage of syphilis when the chancres are developed.
Khus-khus Poppy seeds Seeds are effective in the treatment of syphilis sores when they are locally applied.
Khulakudi Indian Pennywort It is an effective herb in the chancre stage. A powder of the dried leaves can be applied on the affected areas to get relief from the sores. The juice of its leaves is also beneficial for the fever that occurs during the secondary stage of syphilis.
Gokhulakanta Gokhulakanta A decoction prepared of the leaves of gokhulakanta is used as a traditional remedy.



A healthy and safe diet is also very important for the patients suffering from syphilis. The patient suffering from syphilis should try to take diet without salt. This helps in fast recovery. The patient should also avoid bitter, sour and pungent substances as much as possible. Intercourse is also strictly prohibited.

List of foods that can provide relief to certain symptoms of syphilis are:-

  • Honey
  • Food should be cooked in sesame oil
  • Rice
  • Bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd
  • Green gram
  • Wheat and barley

List of foods that can increase the symptoms of syphilis are:-

  • Soured buttermilk
  • Jaggery
  • Heavy meals that take a long time to digest