Ayurvedic Cure for Trachoma

In ayurveda, the disease Trachoma is known as Pothaki. The other name of trachoma is Granular Conjunctivitis. Trachoma is a severe and chronic form of conjunctivitis and is the big cause of serious loss of sight. This is caused by an organism which is like a virus and is called Chlamydia Trachomatis.


If conjunctivitis is not treated and controlled in time, it may develop to trachoma. In trachoma, conjunctiva of the eyelids becomes inflamed. This is also leads to discharge of pus. Often the upper half of the cornea gets covered with a hazy film, which contains a network of blood vessels which are superficial in nature. Untreated trachoma generally leads to blindness.


The following ayurvedic preparations are suggested for trachoma.

  1. Lekhayanjana – This is a compound of trikatu, kashis, rock salt and calx of horn. All these should be taken in equal quantities and used for eyes.
  2. Chandraprabha Vati, Churnanjana and Chandrodaya Vati – All these should be grounded properly and mixed with honey and used as collyrium.


A few simple but effective home remedies for trachoma are :-

  • The eyes should be washed regularly with warm water in which borax has been dissolved.
  • A mixture should be made of 6gm of alum, gm of tutia and 120ml of rose water and this should be used as eye drop.
  • Pure mustard oil can also be used as eye drop which is very helpful in this condition.
  • Juice made of white onion and mixed with honey can be used as an eye drop.
  • Eyes should be protected from bright light and also wearing of dark glasses is advised.
  • Strain should not be given to eyes.