Ayurvedic Cure for Typhoid Fever

The ayurvedic name for typhoid fever is Antric Jwara. It is also known as Manthara in ayurveda. Typhoid fever is also known as Enteric fever because it is related to the intestines. It is very difficult to deal with the typhoid fever and can be fatal if not checked on time.


Ayurvedic principles say that the three doshas which determine the general body constitution of every person are

  • Kapha dosha – Represents coordination between the earth and the water elements.
  • Vata dosha – Represents the air element.
  • Pitta dosha – Represents the fire element.

All the three doshas are in proportion in every person. When there is an imbalance (vitiation) in any of the three doshas, then it causes disease in the body.

Typhoid is caused due to vitiation in any one of the three doshas. This means that typhoid causes a change in all the elements of the body – wind, earth, fire and water.

But the modern medicines say that a bacillus called the Salmonella Tyhi causes the disease of typhoid.

  • Eating raw and uncooked food
  • Eating food that is contamination
  • Drinking unfiltered water

These are the ways in which the Salmonella Typhi enters the body of a healthy person.


The most popular course used for the treatment of typhoid is given below:-

Week of Typhoid Infection Ayurvedic Preparation to Use Quantity Manner of Using
First Mrigshringa Bhasma,

 Muktashukti Bhasma


125 mg each The patient should take the prescribed quantity thrice daily mixed with water.
First Khub Kalana 12 g Khub Kalana can be taken as a decoction. The decoction is prepared in one liter of water, which is boiled down to one-third its original amount. It should be taken with 10 g of dry grapes.
Second Kasturi Bhairavi Rasa

Muktashukti Bhasma,

120 mg

10 mg

Both these preparations should be given with honey, thrice every day.
Second Saubhagya Vati,


120 mg,

240 mg

With the juice of fresh ginger, both these mixtures can be taken. It should be taken three times per day.
Third Pravala Bhasma,

Amrita Sattva

Vasanta Malati Rasa

120 mg each All these three preparations are taken together with honey twice a day.
Third Sarva Jwara Lauha


240 mg each These preparations should be taken at least three hours after the above.
Fourth Navayasa Choorna, 

Sitopaladi Choorna

Vasanta Malati Rasa

2.5 mg,

1.5 mg,

120 mg

Twice a day with honey, all these are to be taken.
Fourth Lauhasava,

Vish Mushtayasava,


10 ml,

5 ml,

10 ml

After lunch and dinner, these liquid preparations should be taken with equal quantities of water.

In addition, the patients’ body can be massaged with Mahalakshadi oil for great relief.



The diet of the patient should be taken great care of.

  • All those food items which can irritate the digestive process should be avoided.
  • Soft, especially liquid foods like milk and fruit juices should be preferred more.
  • Bed rest during the disease is very important because the disease causes a lot of weakness.