Ayurvedic Cure for Urticaria

In Ayurveda, Urticaria is known as SHTA PITTA. The other name of urticaria is nettle-rash. This is a disorder of the skin. It is characterized by eruption which resembles the effect produced by the sting of a nettle.


In this, the patient suffers from red and white patches which occur in some parts of the boy or all over the body, and the patient also feels great itching and irritation.

Allergy is the causative factor of urticaria, but the real reason for this is the aggravation of kapha and vayu in conjunction with the vitiation of pitta.

Some other causative factors are sudden exposure to cold when the body is hot, mental excitement and infestation with parasites.


There are four Ayurvedic preparations for patients suffering from Urticaria. These are –

I) Arogya Vardhini Rasa

II) Suta Shekhara Rasa

III) Kamadugdha Rasa

IV) Haridra Khanda



The patients suffering from the acute form of Urticaria are recommended Arogya Vardhini Rasa and Suta Shekhara Rasa. The patient can have each one of them independently or as a compound (mixture) of both the prescriptions: Arogya Vardhini Rasa and Suta Shekhara Rasa.

The Dose: Mix 0.5 gram of the prescription(s) with a teaspoonful of honey and give the patient thrice daily.


The primary ingredient of Kamadugdha Rasa is red ochre (Gairika).

The Dose: A teaspoonful of honey should be mixed with half-a-teaspoon of Kamadugdha Rasa and the patient should be given this prescription four times every day.


Sometimes, the patient is also prescribed red ochre only after it is processed according to Ayurvedic principles.

The Dose: Mix a teaspoonful of the powder with an equal quantity of honey and one teaspoonful of the concoction should be given to the patient thrice daily.


Haridra powder is easily available in the form of granules across various Ayurvedic shops. These granules have a palatable taste.

Haridra (Turmeric- Haldi) is the main ingredient of Haridra Khanda. It is an easy home-made preparation.

The Dose: One teaspoonful of the granules should be mixed with a cup of warm water and given to the patient thrice daily.


Apart from the above mentioned medicines, powder of root of ARNI can also be given to the patient.3gm of arni mixed with 12gm of ghee can be given twice daily.

Also, a paste made of seeds of white mustard, turmeric, koonth, seeds of Chakramarda and black sesame seeds should be massaged over the affected parts.

It is very important to note that if the patient suffers from intestinal worms, that condition should be treated first. If it is not taken care of, Urtcaria is likely to occur again.


A salt free diet is recommended. Also, sour substances like curd should be avoided by the patient. All bitter substances and vegetables like drumsticks and bitter gourd are beneficial for urtcaria.


Haridra or haldi is considered to be the best remedy of urtcaria. Its regular use can prevent the attack of urtcaria. A paste made from haldi and little water should be given to the patient in two teaspoonful doses three times a day.

The affected part of the body should be rubbed with mustard oil which is mixed with powdered rock salt. After this the body should be exposed to sun and rubbed with a piece of copper.