Ayurvedic Cure for Peptic Ulcer (Stomach)

Ulcers of the stomach are also known as GRAHINI in ayurveda. Ulcer is nothing but a breach on the skin’s surface or on lining of the membrane of any organ like the stomach. Ulcers do not heal quickly. The people who get affected with the vatika type of constitution or those people in whom vata is the predominant dosha are more prone to be affected by the ulcers of the stomach.

The general term applied to all ulcers of the stomach is PEPTIC ULCER. The ulcer in the duodenum is termed as DUODENUM ULCER.


Shatavari ghrita, Amalaki ghrita, Shankha bhasma, Mahashankha vati and Sukumara ghrita are the main five medicines prescribed for the ulcer of the stomach.


The primary ingredient of the first two mentioned medications, viz., Shatavari ghritta and Amalaki ghrita is medicated ghee. The others three medicines i.e. Shankha bhasma, Mahashankha vati and Sukumara ghrita  also have a considerable portion of the medicated ghee; but other ingredients are also required by them in considerable amount.


Shankha bhasma is prescribed mainly for colic pain due to the ulcer.

The dose: The patient is given half a teaspoonful of this powder thrice daily. After taking the powder, hot water should be taken compulsorily.


For patients suffering from acute colic pain, the medicine Mahashankha vati is prescribed. It is a concentrated form of Shankha bhasma. The word vati means that it is available in the form of pill or tablet and not in the powder form.

The dose: The patient should be given two tablets thrice daily. If the intensity and frequency of colic pain is intense and frequent, the dose can be increased gradually according to the need and maximum up to four times.

In this also, the patient is prescribed to drink a cup of warm water immediately after taking this tablet.

Uses: It reduces the colic pain intensity and also helps in digestion.


Sukumara ghrita is the most common medicine prescribed in Ayurveda. Castor oil and pure ghee (prepared from only cow’s milk) are two major ingredients of Sukumara Ghrita.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls of Sukumara Ghrita mixed with a cup of warm milk should be given to the patient. This should be taken on empty stomach.

Alternative: Sukumara Ghrita can also be mixed with hot water if the patient cannot take milk.


  • All fried foods should be completely avoided by the patient.
  • The patient should prefer light and easily digestible food. Chilies should be totally avoided.
  • Milk, ghee and wheat should be taken in good quantity.
  • The patient should try not keep stomach empty because pain of the ulcers tend to occur when stomach is empty.