Ayurvedic treatment of Epilepsy

In Ayurveda, the name given to epilepsy is Apasmara. It is a chronic neurological disorder. It is also known as falling sickness. This is a nervous disorder which is characterized by a fit in which there is a sudden loss of consciousness. This tendency of having fits is due to some abnormal electrical activity of the brain. A fit may be continuous and may come one after another for long periods.


An epileptic fit occurs when there is a sudden discharge of electrical energy from the brain. A fit may appear at any age but mostly it starts before adult life. Some other causes for the fits may be

  • If there is a delay in delivery and the oxygen supplied to the brain in insufficient or injury to the baby during delivery.
  • Excess fluid and infections in the brain, tumors, tuberculosis and parasites in the brain may also be the cause of fits.

The attack is sudden in most of the cases. There is a movement of one or both the limbs of the body and there may or may not be loss of consciousness. Some may even not have control over urine and stool. There may be contractions in the body parts and the head may turn to one side. The patient may cry loudly and is unaware of it. The eyes roll wildly and the pulse is very fast. Foam mixed with blood may also come out from mouth.


The following ayurvedic medicines are prescribed in the case of epilepsy.



Saraswatarishta 30ml should be taken after meals two times in a day.
Apasmarantaka Rasa 100mg to be taken with honey two times in a day.
Vacha Churna,

Smritisagara Rasa,

Jatamansi Churna

1gm each of Vacha Churna and Jatamansi Churna and 100mg of Smritisagara Rasa should be taken with honey twice daily.
Mahakalyanaka Ghrita 10gm should be taken with sugar and cow’s milk two times in a day.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, Brahmi and Vacha are two potent herbs which are particularly useful in this condition and are best known as restorative, mental and nervine tonics.

  1. BRAHMI – One tea spoon full of brahmi juice should be taken three times daily.
  2. VACHA – One tea spoon full of the powder of the root of vacha should be mixed with honey and taken three times daily.
  3. BRIHAT VATA KULANTAKA RASA – This compound preparation which has gold dust (bhasma) is very beneficial and brings fast results. This should be mixed with honey and given three times daily.
  4. MANDUKPARNI – This herb is also used in cases of mental retardation, insanity and epilepsy.
  5. JYOTISHMATI – It is a very powerful nerve and brain tonic which helps in stimulating the intellect and sharpens the memory.
  6. SHANKHAPUSHPI – This herb is one of the best brain tonic which helps in strengthening and brightening the brain and memory. It is used in the treatment of loss of memory, insanity and epilepsy.



    • Garlic is crushed and boiled in milk. This shows good results. Also ghee made of cow’s milk should be given.
    • Sesame oil or brahmi amla oil is used to massage the head and the soles of the feet.


  • The diet should primarily consist of milk.
  • Light and easy to digest foods should be given. Fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly green leafy vegetables should be the main part of the diet. Pungent things should be totally avoided.
  • A daily cold bath and light exercise is advisable. Mental strain of all types should be avoided.