Causes of Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

With age, when the glands in the prostate become large, the process of urination gets interfered. When the gland enlarges, it exerts pressure on the urethra and affects the urine flow.

There are many visible and prominent symptoms of this disease. With these symptoms one can easily identify that a person is suffering from prostate enlargement. The obvious symptoms are as follows

  • It is not easy for the patient to pass the urine and he also strains himself a lot. The urine may also come in drops.
  • Even after urinating, one has a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Burning sensation may also be felt while urinating.
  • Leaking of urine and dribbling of urine even after urinating.
  • Urination is more frequent and there is a sudden desire to urinate, mostly at night.
  • Blood may also be passed with urine if infection persists.

Ayurvedic Causes of Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

According to ayurveda, enlargement of prostate gland is caused due to the vitiation of the three dosha. Various causes for the vitiation of the doshas are

  • By controlling the urge of urination and defecation.
  • General weakness, old age and indigestion.
  • Over indulgence in sex.
  • Consumption of dry, cold and insufficient quantity of food.