Causes & Symptoms of Amnesia

Causes of Amnesia

The exact causes of Amnesia are not known to medical science. The memory function of brain is coordinated by the Cortex. The medical science is  yet to understand the precise mechanism underlying the memory process.

Researches however have assimilated certain causes of Amnesia based on corrrelation of similar causes observed in Amnesia patients.

As per the limited amount of factual conclusions, Amnesia can be caused by external (psychological)  & internal factors (physiological).

Psychological Causes of Amneisa

The important external causes of amnesia include:

1) Excessive psychological  stress

2) Attention deficit disorder

3) Neurosis & Anxiety disorder

4) Brain aneurysm

5) Hysteria

6) Korsakoff\’s psychosis

7) Any kind of Psychogenic or  Emotional trauma

and other similar clinical psychological disoders. ,

Physiological causes of Amnesia includes:

1) A natural aging process

2) Damage to braincaused by some injury

3)  Excessive & prolonged use of sedatives or other drugs

4) Excessive Alcoholism   &     Alcohol-Induced Disorders

5) Lack of peaceful sleep

6) Excessive fatigue

7) Blockage in adequate blood supply to the brain due to circulatory disorders.

8) Sign of some degenerative brain disease – like Alzheimer’s disease.

9)  Poisoning

10) Brain infection /  injury or tumor /    Meningitis

11) Cerebral hypoxia

12) Concussion

13) Dementia

14) Diencephalic syndrome of infancy – amnesia

15) Electrocution

16) Epilepsy

17) Prolonged   Migraine


The most common type of amnesia is verbal amnesia. Its symptoms are:

  • The patient forgets names or words

In the condition where there is temporary loss of memory the symptoms are:

  • The patient forgets his/her own identity  like, name, age , family details and any of his/her past life.