Causes & Symtpoms of Boils

Boils usually occur in teenagers and young adults. They are usually found in areas like face, neck, scalp, underarms, buttocks and thighs.

Boils can be chronic and can come back in the same areas. The boils which are deeper heal slowly and may leave a scar.

Causes of Boils

The main cause of Boils is high level of toxicity in  the blood stream, which is due to faulty diet and frenetic pace of living.

Bacterial infection is another common cause of boils. The type of infection depends on the location of the boil and the person’s immune function.

Boils can also be caused by consuming too much sugar, either refined or natural.

Symptoms of Boils

  • A painful red nodule appears on the skin.
  • The boil grows bigger and  breaks down in the middle where the pus collects
  • There is lot of  irritation and itching in the area where the boil appears
  • It may be accompanied by fever and chill.
  • When the boil ripens , they give out a discharge.