15 Best Diet for Chronic Adrenal Fatigue

There are some really effective and simple diets for relief from chronic adrenal fatigue.While temporary fatigue can be overcome with adequate rest, chronic adrenal fatigue needs other forms of intervention.

Egg: Egg contains protein and vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin and pantothenic acid. A deficiency of any of these vital nutrients can lead to fatigue. Eat one egg a day to address nutritional deficiency which is a primary cause of adrenal fatigue.Diet for Adrenal fatigue

Dates: Dates are rich sources of iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.  These help to revitalize body and correct hormonal imbalances that result in chronic adrenal fatigue. Soak about five to seven dates in half a cup of water overnight.  Crush them in the same water in the morning. Remove the seeds. Drink the water with essence of dates at least twice a week.

Minerals: Minerals are very important for treating fatigue caused due to adrenal imbalances. Food rich in following minerals are recommended for treating Adrenal Fatigue.

a) Calcium helps in relaxation. Calcium also cures tension and insomnia. Milk and milk products, walnuts, almonds, oats and green vegetables are sources of calcium.

b)Potassium protects from fatigue. Oranges, potatoes, green leafy vegetables and lentils are rich in potassium.

c) Zinc: Zinc is essential for absorption of micronutrients in blood. Deficiency of Zinc has been found to a prime trigger for chronic adrenal fatigue. Wholegrain products, pumpkin seeds and legumes contain sufficient quantities of zinc. Add zinc rich food in your diet for adrenal fatigue treatment.

d) Sodium: Sodium is an essential component for maintaining electrolytic balances in the body. Sodium also helps in absorption of energy releasing microniturients in the body. Adequate but moderate dietary consumption of sodium is recommended for people suffering from adrenal fatigue. Cucumber, apples, celery and lettuce contain large quantities of sodium. Both zinc and sodium help in treating fatigue.

Diet for Adrenal fatigue

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is an easy source of energy. It has B vitamins, potassium, iron and calcium. Mix lemon juice and grapefruit juice in equal quantity.  Drink this daily. This helps in getting rid of chronic adrenal fatigue.

Clary sage: Clary sage deeply relaxes   and calms the mind.  It also enhances the   adrenal functions.  Clary sage promotes restful sleep and relaxes the tense muscles.  Clary sage can be used in massages and bath.

Cereal seeds: Cereals seeds provide energy to the body. Wheat seeds, rye,maize, corn, oats and barley are some cereal seeds. Raw nuts are also very healthy for the body. They contain essential vitamins and energy creators. They can be consumed as it is for maximum benefit.

Lemon balm: Lemon balm has proven ability to improve adrenal functions in the body. It is used in several naturopathy preparations to treat adrenal fatigue. Infusion can be made using lemon balm herb. Soak about 30 gm of the herb in half a litre of cold water. Leave this for about 12 hours. Strain this mixture. Drink small doses of this throughout the day for restoring adrenal functions and for relief from adrenal fatigue.
Lavender based Diet for Adrenal fatigue
Lavender: Lavender   has relaxing and restoring properties. This helps renew mind and body.  It relieves emotional tension and eases muscles tensed due to physical exertion. Lavender can be combined with rosemary and peppermint for a restorative bath.

Liquorice: Liquorice improves immune system and boosts adrenal functions.  Thus it helps in relieving the weaknesses of mind and body.

Fluids: It is essential to take sufficient fluids for the body to be hydrated. Dehydration can also cause fatigue. Make sure to drink the required amounts of fluid.

Vitamin B: Lack of pantothenic acid and vitamin B can lead to extreme fatigue. Deficiency of vitamin B results in   exhaustion of adrenal glands.  30 mg of pantothenic acid is daily required for keeping the body energetic. B complex Vitamin group protects the nerves. They nourish and regulate glands. Rice wheat germ, liver and brewer’s yeast are foods rich in vitamin B.

Other Dietary recommendations for adrenal fatigue:

A well balanced diet is vital in treatment of fatigue. The nutrients should be in right measure.  Person who eat smaller meals are less prone to adrenal fatigue than those who eat only three large meals a day.

Snack on fruits, nuts and vegetable juices in between meals.

Diet: food to avoid

1) Avoid excess coffee and tea as they provide only temporary relief.

2) Avoid excess of refined sugar products

3) Avoid high cholesterol food that induces adrenal fatigue

4) Avoid fried and oily food.

Other recommendations to support dietary measures

  • Exercising daily can improve the blood circulation. It will renew energy and bring freshness. Exercising also induces sleep. All these help in getting rid of fatigue.  Playing tennis, gardening, cycling, golf, brisk walking are all good forms of exercise.
  • Hot and cold baths, relaxes tensed muscles. Massaging also helps the body and mind to relax. Fresh air also is good for overcoming fatigue.
  • Feel relaxed and try not to get tensed. Anxiety can aggravate adrenal fatigue.