Food & Diet for Alcoholism Withdrawal

The best way to get rid of alcoholism is to fulfil  the body’s nutritional needs  in a way that the person does not have any cravings  for external stimulants.no_alcohol.jpg

Apples: Apples are very effective in alcoholism .  It helps in removing the intoxication and reduces the craving for wines and other alcoholic drinks.

Grapes: Grapes are the purest form of alcohol , so they can be used instead of alcohol and still be healthy. Alcohol addicts can take grapes as three meals a day at an interval of five hours. This helps in getting rid of this condition.

Celery: The juice of  raw celery has a sobering effect on alcoholics and is an antidote to alcohol. Take about half a glass of celery juice and mix it with equal amount of water  and drink this once daily for about one month to get relief from alcoholism.

Dates: Dates are very useful for alcoholism. Put about five to six dates in some water. Now rub them together in the water. Take about half a glass of this water twice a day for about one month. This will help in getting rid of alcohol.

Bitter gourd: Bitter gourd leaves  juice is an antidote of alcoholism.  Take three teaspoons of bitter gourd leaves juice and mix them with  one glass of butter milk. Drink this daily morning for a month for better results.

Black pepper and basil leaves: Put around  21 seeds of black pepper and some basil leaves with their sticks into  water and leave it on overnight. Drink this water  in the morning on empty stomach for three months. This helps in getting rid of alcoholism.

Dandelion and Milk thistle: Dandelion is very useful in treating liver  problems. Milk thistle and dandelion together are very  effective in curing even irreversible liver damages.

 Other Dietary Reccomendations

To begin with the alcoholic should try juice fast. Fasting is likely to lessen the urge to drink alcohol.

Diet comprising of vital nutrients like nuts, wholegrain cereals, seeds, fresh fruits , vegetables and sprouts are advised.

Substitutes of alcohol like glass of fresh fruit juice, snacks or candy should be kept handy when ever craving increases.

Alcoholics can take several small meals  a day rather than having two or three large meals.

Foods to Avoid

Refined foods  like white sugar, white flour and its products ,white rice  and meat should be avoided.

Other Reccomendations

Lots of outdoor activities and exercises.: Exercises helps in sweating off the toxins from the body  and alcohol which stays in the blood even after the hangover is over will be removed from the body.

Rest is very important. Meditation or breathing exercises are very helpful in getting rid of alcoholism. Meditation helps in keeping control over mind. This strengthens the will power to quit alcohol and help in living a healthier and better life.

Alcoholics should have a willingness and determination to leave alcohol or to break free of this habit. This is very important that he should resolve to leave it immediately as it will be very difficult to get rid of  it in stages.