Diet Regimen for Allergic Reaction

Building a strong body is very essential for fighting allergies.

Initially, the patient can take a fast on fresh fruit juices for four or five days. This fast can be repeated in regular intervals to prevent the body from being affected by allergy.

After the juice fast ,the patient should preferably adopt a diet of only fruits or vegetables like, grapes, carrots, apples etc. For about one week. later one or more food can be included into this diet.

Subsequently a third food can be added a week later and so on. Protein foods may be included after four weeks slowly. Any allergic reaction to a new food taken can be avoided by discontinuing the food and some other food can be tried in its place.
The patient should avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, cola drinks, sugar and its products. Salted pickled foods, alcohol, refined cereals, fish, chicken , milk and its products, tobacco and food with chemical additives also should be avoided to prevent allergic reactions.
Relaxation methods like, meditation and mind control and exercises can be practiced to avoid allergies due to mental stress. Yoga asanas like ardh- matsyandhasana, yog mudra ,sarvangasana, shavasana and anulom-viloma pranayama are useful in curing allergy related problems.