Diet Regimen for Anaemia

A well balanced diet is of prime importance in treatment of Anaemia.

The following dietary regimen is prescribed:

Food Beneficial in treatment of Anaemia

1.     Food rich in Iron Content: Iron should be taken in organic form in the food. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables rich in iron should be included in the diet.  Fruits like banana, black grapes , strawberries, plum , raisins are rich sources of iron.

2.     Vegetables like onions , carrots, radish, celery  and tomatoes are also rich in iron content , which are useful for curing  anaemia.

3.     Jaggery is very rich source of vital minerals, predominantly iron and is very beneficial in treatment of Anaemia. A 15 day regimen where the patient eats jaggery thrice a day is the best natural treatment for Anaemia.

4.     Food rich in folic acid are good for alleviating symptoms of Anaemia. Vegetables like asparagus, brussels sprouts, spinach, lettuce and broccoli are rich sources of folic acid.

5.     Raw fruits and fresh vegetables are good for anaemia. Don’t eat overcook food. Heat destroys iron content.

6.     Vitamin supplement as suggested by a doctor.

The patient can initially have a diet of only fruits  for about five days. The patient should take fresh fruits as three meals a day.  Followed   by a diet of milk  and fruits for about fifteen days.  Then the patient can slowly adopt a well balanced diet, with emphasis on  nuts, grains , fruits, seeds and vegetables.

Foods to Avoid

The patient must avoid refined foods like sugar, white bread, polished rice and desserts. This takes away the required iron from the body.

Other recommendations

The patient can be given cold water baths twice daily to treat anaemia. The coldness of the water can be increased gradually .

Hot Epsom salt bath for five to ten minutes can be given once a week and steam bath also can be given occasionally.

Sunbath is also beneficial as it stimulates  production of red cells.

Deep breathing and light exercises like walking  also help in treating anaemia.  Sarvangasana, shavasana and paschimottanasana  and massage also help in curing anaemia.