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The increased interest in alternative healing has brought an influx of people to the Internet looking for information, products, and services from the alternative health community. But that becomes an awesome task, even for the experienced surfer, given the wide and varied range of alternative health resources, compounded by the large number of search engines. Clearly, everyone can benefit from quick and easy access to these resources from one central location. And that’s why we’re here. The purpose of our Home-Cure.net site is to provide a FREE, centralized and searchable, indexed Database of alternative health resources (information, products, and services for holistic medicine and natural healing) available on the Web, and to promote ease of access to all alternative medicine sites. While it is our goal to include every alt. health-related site on the Web, the Web is always changing, which pretty much guarantees we’ll be in a constant state of flux as well. As we evolve, we welcome suggestions as to how the Database may better serve your alternative health needs.

As we are set up now, you have the options of navigating through the AlternativeHealth. sites either alphabetically, category, or by using our Search Engine to search for key words or phrases . The entries, which are constantly being submitted to our Database Search Engine by alternative health providers, will have active links to their sites as well. Not only is this free advertising for the participating alt-health sites, but having all this information at one location will facilitate and expedite effective searches by those seeking specific information, products, or services from the alternative health community, and with a minimum of effort. We will be adding new categories, or making any other changes as needed, so let us hear from you if you have suggestions, or if we can be of assistance. For those of you who need to compile information on a certain topic or service but just don’t have the time, research services are available for a minimal fee by contacting our webmaster.

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