Fatigue: Causes & Symptoms

Fatigue manFatigue,  is  both  physical and  emotional  tiredness.     It has become a common condition nowadays.  It is quite common to work for long hours without rest and sleep. This leads to fatigue.

In this state the person is not able to do any of his or her work properly.  The person feels completely drained out of energy. Fatigue can be temporary or chronic. Temporary fatigue can be overcome by adequate rest.

Chronic  or continuous fatigue is a serious problem . This condition requires  proper treatment. Compulsiveness is a trait of chronic fatigue. The person cannot take rest till the work is completed. They cannot relax however tired they may be.

Causes of fatigue

The main cause is lack of energy or vitality. Lack of energy is due to wrong food habit. Eating denatured or refined foods regularly has a bad effect on the body system. This deprives the system of valuable vitamins and minerals.  White sugar, processed foods, refined cereals and white flour products are some examples of such food.

Certain physical and mental conditions also can cause fatigue. Anaemia, low blood pressure, low blood sugar  , any infection in the body , allergy to foods an drugs , liver damage  are some physical conditions. Mental tension, insomnia   and  emotional problems are some causes of fatigue.  Water pollution and toxins from air,  soil   and  poisons  can cause fatigue.

Symptoms of fatigue

  • Tiredness
  • Exhaustion
  • Weakness
  • Lack  of energy
  • Dizziness