Food & Dietary regimen for Anorexia

Treatment of Anorexia begins with cleansing the digestive tract. As such, a proper food and dietary regimen is of prime important in addressing the root cause of Anorexia.

1. Cleansing of Digestive tract

a) Fasting on orange or Carrot juice: To begin with , Anorexia patient should undergo a fast on orange juice and water for about three to five days. For this the patient should take  orange juice in a glass of warm water, every two hours. This should be done through the day from 8 a.m to 8pm. Nothing else should be had during this fast.

Alternatively, if orange juice does not suit the system, a glass of carrot juice can be taken with equal amount of water .  After the juice fast, the patient should take an all fruit diet for five more days.


b) All fruit diet: Fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, pineapple peaches and melons can be taken as three meals a day. This can be taken every five hours.


c) Diet on easily digestible food: This should followed by a diet of easily digestible foods , like lightly cooked vegetables, juicy fruits, and buttermilk for about ten days.

d) Warm water enema:

During the juice fast, warm water enema can be used to cleanse the bowels daily.  Enema should be done under the supervision of qualified people.

e) Other Lifestyle Changes

Applying an ice bag over the stomach for half an hour before meals, and cool hip bath once or twice a day, will help in curing anorexia.

Sun bathing and cool air baths are also useful to treat anorexia. An early morning sun bath one day, can be alternated with early morning cool air bath the next day. Abdominal massages and out door activities also helps in treating this condition.