Natural Ayurveda Cure for Heat Stroke Exhaustion

Natural ayurvedic cures for heatrstroke

Some effective natural cures and home remedies which are very simple but very effective during the conditions of heat stroke or heat exhaustion are

  • A juice made of green mango pulp and ripe tamarind should be given to the patient. These are considered to be very good and effective for both the conditions. Also green coconut water is a very good medication in such a condition. This can be taken as much as possible without any harm.
  • Roasted raw mango is also an effective remedy for the treatment of heat stroke.
  • The tight clothes should be made loose and excess clothing should be removed from the body of the patient. The patient’s body must be wrapped in a sheet soaked in ice water if the temperature rises.
  • Plenty of water and liquid foods like juices, glucose water and electrolytes should be taken regularly.
  • Even onions are good to guard from heat strokes. Extract the juice of onion and apply behind your ears. Roast an onion in open pan and add some sugar and cumin seeds to onion. Consume this mixture to prevent from excessive heat. Onions taken in any form will keep away from the heat in summers.
  • Plums are also best remedy for excessive heat. Soak some plums in cold water, mash them in the soaked water. The mixture should be drained and the water must be consumed.
  • Coriander juice or coriander in any form should be taken in summers. Also chutney prepared from coriander and mint leaves is very effective in keeping the body cool. Juice of basil leaves also acts as a natural sunscreen and guards the skin from excessive heat.
  • Butter milk is also considered as one of the best remedy to reduce the increasing heat in the body.


  • It should be taken care that water is taken at frequent intervals during summer. A little salt may be added to it which helps in maintain the balance of salts in the body. Apart from plain water, other liquids should also be taken frequently during summers.
  • A normal diet is recommended to the patient who is suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion and hard to digest food should be avoided. Also fried foods should not be given to the patient.


In Ayurveda, heat exhaustion is known as Aanshughata Jwara and heat stroke is known as Aanshughata Sannipata. Both these diseases are mostly seen in tropical regions. Heat stroke generally occurs when the temperature of the body rises above normal temperature. These diseases are generally seen during the summer season when the temperature rises.

The following ayurvedic medicines are good for these two conditions.



Mahashishir Panak 15ml of Mahashishir Panak is to be given to the patient after every half an hour.
Chandanadi Churna,

Ratneshwar Rasa

200mg of Chandanadi Churna and 100mg of Ratneshwar Rasa is to be taken three times daily with triphala water.
Mritsanjivani Sura 50ml to 60ml should be given only if pulse shows weakness.



The main cause of heat stroke is high atmospheric temperature and the body is unable to deal with the heat and can result in dehydration. Due to excess sweating during the summer season, there is a loss of water from the body which may lead to heat exhaustion. If this condition is not checked, it leads to heat stroke which is a more severe condition. Other common causes of heat stroke are drinking alcohol, wearing excessive clothing, sweat gland dysfunction and some cardiovascular disease.

Due to heat stroke there can be a rise in temperature. Fatigue, headache and dizziness, decreased perspiration or no sweat, fast pulse rate, difficulty in breathing, confusion and loss of consciousness are some other symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Dry skin is also common due to dehydration.