Ayurvedic Cure for Hyper Tension Or High Blood Pressure

In Ayurveda, high blood pressure is known as Rakta Vata. In high blood pressure, the pressure at which the blood is pumped by the heart is more than the normal pressure. The normal pressure of a healthy adult person is 120mm of mercury (systolic) and 80mm of mercury (diastolic).


High blood pressure causes heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures and many other diseases if it is neglected and not properly treated in time. The general symptoms are that pain may be experienced in the head and neck, a ringing sensation in the ears. Other common symptoms are lack of sleep, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue and frequent urination. A pain in the heart may also be experienced.

There may be different causes for the high blood pressure. Improper functioning of the kidneys, over stress and hectic life style, hardening of arteries, extra usage of common table salt and obesity may also be some of the factors.

According to ayurveda, hyper tension is caused due to the vitiation of the vayu.


The common ayurvedic medicines which have been successfully used for the treatment of high blood pressure are mentioned below.

  • SARPAGANDHA – This drug has been used for centuries for the treatment of high blood pressure.

120mg of sarpagandha and jatamansi should be taken 3 times in a day.

100mg of praval pishti, 50mg of rasaraja and 700mg of sarpagandha rasayana should be taken with honey three times in a day.

  • BRAHMI – This is also a potent herb for high blood pressure.

250mg of brahmi should be taken at night.

  • ARJUNA – Another good herb for hyper tension.

1gm of arjuna can be taken twice daily.

  • YAMANISHADAVA – This is given if the patient suffers from dyspepsia along with hyper tension.

3gm of yamanishadava is given with water after meals twice daily.


  • Garlic or lahsuna is the most important substance which is helpful in controlling blood pressure. If few cloves of raw garlic is taken on empty stomach in the morning, it corrects the vitiation of vata which results in controlling high blood pressure.
  • 1gm garlic paste should be mixed with a glass of butter milk and should be taken two times in a day. This also helps in reducing the blood pressure.



  • A healthy diet is very important for keeping the blood pressure normal. A low fat diet is recommended for the patient, saturated fats and hydrogenated oils must be avoided completely. Only butter and ghee prepared from cow’s milk is allowed.
  • Salt, meat and eggs should be avoided. Also the protein intake should be reduced. Sodium should be limited in the diet. Coffee is also considered to increase blood pressure levels, so it should also be reduced.
  • Bitter gourd and all other forms of gourd should be included in the diet. Drumsticks are also considered to be good. The patient should be take more of boiled vegetables and avoid too much fried and spicy food.
  • Heavy exercise should not be done and a morning walk is the best exercise for a patient suffering from high blood pressure.