Home cure for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a stubborn and chronic skin disorder which is characterized by formation of thick red scaled patches on the skin. The scales are often covered by silvery scales, which is a characteristic feature of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is not contagious.

Causes of Psoriasis: Psoriasis is primarily caused by an abnormality specifically related to body metabolism of amino acids which affects reproduction of cell tissues. Heredity also plays a role in occurrence of Psoriasis. Factors that aggravate Psoriasis   include infections, emotional stress, reactions caused by certain medicines, skin injuries and changes in weather.

Symptoms: Papillae becomes considerably lengthened and more vascular than usual. Psoriasis may occur on any part of the body, but it generally affects scalp, knees, elbows, behind ears, underarms, genital areas and the trunk. The lesions may vary from minute papules to patches covering large parts of the body.


Cabbage leaves: Cabbage leaves have been very effective home cure for psoriasis. Wash cabbage leaves in warm water and then dry them up with a towel.  Remove thick veins of the leaves and gently cover the affected parts with these leaves. Place a soft cloth over these leaves and tie down the compress with some elastic bandage. Leave the compress for as long as it feels comfortable.

Avocado oil: Applying Avocado oil on affected areas is beneficial in alleviating psoriasis.

Bitter gourd: Bitter gourd juice has anti toxicant properties which may it a very effective home cure for Psoriasis.. Bitter gourd juice mixed with a tea spoon of lime juice should be taken on empty stomach for at least 3 month or till the severity of condition reduces. This is a very effective home remedy for Psoriasis.

Cashew nut Oil: Cashew nut oil is an excellent rubefacient,. acrid and rich in Vitamin E, which makes it an effective home remedy for psoriasis. Regular application of cashew nut oil on affected areas is beneficial in treatment of psoriasis.

Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil soothes irritated skin, and can be applied to psoriasis affected parts for relief from itching or infalmation..However Eucalyptus oil should NOT be taken orally as it can be fatal. For external topical application, it should be mixed with olive oil. Also be sure to wash hands after applying the diluted oil. Eucalyptus oil is NOT SAFE for children.

Lecithin: Lecithin is a remarkable home remedy for psoriasis. Take 2-3 Lecithin capsules before each meal. Lecithin has proven benefits in psoriasis and similar other skin disorders.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil has antispetic and anti fungal properties, which make it an effective home remedy for psoriais. Lavender oild can be applied locally on affected skin parts to prevent the growth of infection. For ease of application lavender oil can also be mixed with small quantiy of olive oil. A decoction made by boiling 1 – 2 tsp of lavender herb in cup of water can also be taken internally by adults though internal consumption is not reccomended for children.

Balsam pear (Botanical name: Momardica charantia): Tea made from Balsam pear is an effective home cure for psoriasis.To prepare tea, soak 1-4 grams  of chopped Balsam pear in about 8 ounces of hot water for around 5 minutes before filtering and drinking.

Sarsaparilla (Botanical name:Smilax officinalis): Sarsaparilla contains beta-sitosterol, a phytosterol, which is anti-inflammatory Applying sarsaparilla as compress on skin helps relieve itching and inflammation associated with psoriasis. Sarsaparilla when taken as tea (maximum thrice a day) acts as blood purifier and tonic and is therefore beneficial home cure for psoriasis.

Black nightshade (Botanical name: Solanum nigrum): Juice extracted from black nightshade plant is beneficial in treatment of chronic psoriasis. The juice can be taken orally (around 200 ml a day) or applied locally over the affected skin. A decoction made by boiling the plant is effective in alleviating itching sensation in the affected skin.

German chamomile (Botanical name:Matricaria recutita): Soaking the affected parts of the body with German chamomile mixed in water provides releif from iching and inflammation and is an eefective home remedy for psoriaisi.

Oregon grape (Botanical name: Mahonia aquifolium):Oregon grape Herbal remedy psoriasiscontains Berbamine, which makes it an excellent anti bacterial herb.Oregon grape is also known to improve immune system. Thus it is very effective home remedy for psoriasis and several other chronic skin diseases.

Margosa (Botanical name: Azadirachta Indica, Indian name: Neem) Paste made from flower or leaves of margosa tree are very effective in treatment of psoriasis. The paste is to be applied locally on affected parts. One tablespoon of the paste can also be taken orally for internal body cleansing.

Burdock (Arctium lappa) root: Tea made by boiling around 3 grams of Burdock in water for around 5 minutes makes for a effective home cure for Psoriasis.

Dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum) root  Tea made by boiling around 2 grams of Dandelion in 8 ounces water for around 5 minutes, s considered beneficial in treatment of Psoriasis.

Salt water bath: Taking bath with salt water helps arrest infection from spreading. While bathing with salt water is reccomended, intake of salt should be MINIMISED for curing psoriasis.

Recommended diet

Since Psoriasis is a metabolic disorder, an all fruit fast for 5-7 days is very effective in cleansing the body. Fruits recommended during this period include carrot, cucumber, Fruit dietbeet, grapes and oranges.

Absence of Folic acid is cited as the prime cause of Psoriasis.Tortilla, pasta, Black eyed beans, Pinto beans, Orange juice, spinach, Asparagus, Ocra, Collard, pine apple juice and grapefruit are rich in folic acid and should form a part of regular diet aimed at an effective home cure of psoriasis.

Diet rich in Vitamin E like avocado, blackberries, mango, spinach, tomato, sweet potato, salmon, mackerel, nuts, whole meal and blackberries are effective in treatment of Psoriasis. Vitamin E helps reduce itching and arrests scab formation. Alternatively, taking therapeutic doses of vitamin E up to 350 grams a day is an effective home cure for Psoriasis.

Eating plenty of fish, celery (helps in kidney cleansing), turkey, parsley, lemons (for liver cleansing) and lettuce.

Raw seeds of sesame, sunflower, pumpkins and nuts are effective in the treatment of psoriasis.

Vitamin A (specific for the skin) is also reccomeded as it helps in making skin healthy.

Foods to avoid

  • Intake of salt should be minimized (Use rock salt instead)
  • Food containing  white refined sugar (cakes, sweets, candies, pie etc)
  • Food containing animal fat including milk, cheese, butter and eggs
  • Spicy food
  • Food containing hydrogenated fat
  • Meat products
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol, sauces, pickles and other condiments
  • Canned or tinned food
  • White flour food.

Other recommendations

  • Drinking plenty of water: at least eight glasses a day
  • Avoid frequent bath
  • Avoid meat in all forms
  • Avoid using Soap
  • Sea water bath is beneficial cure for psoriasis.
  • Hot Epsom salt bath twice a week is good for curing psoriasis
  • Olive oil can be applied gently on the affected part
  • Mild Sunbath, every day is helpful in treating psoriasis
  • Warm water enema or a similar detoxification program is helpful in getting rid of Psoriais.

Emotional stress is a chief cause of psoriasis. Get thoughts of restored and healthy skin for ensuring holistic home cure of Psoriais.