Home Cure for Warts

Collection of time tested home cure for warts. Features natural cures, home remedies, diet conditions and herbal supplements for holistic treatment of wart.

Warts are hard growths or rough elevations on the skin which are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) infection.

These growths may appear on any part of the body but appear more frequently on face, fingers, elbows, knees, scalp and genitals. Plantar warts are those that appear on the soles of feet causing extreme pain and discomfort in walking.

Some warts may spread from one part of the body to others but they are usually benign and they often tend to disappear of their own accord.

Causes of Warts

Virus infection is the most common cause of warts. More often than not, these infections can be attributed to some constitutional deficiency in the body which hinders the proper development of skin surfaces in certain areas and making that area prone to virus attacks.

Home cure for warts

indian squill for wart treatment Indian Squill: The bulb of this herb powdered and applied on the affected area helps in curing warts.

castor oil effective in wart treatment
Castor Oil: Most common remedy for warts. Castor Oil applied regularly over the affected parts helps eliminate warts.

fig as natural remedy for wart Fig: Juice extracted from barely ripe, fresh fig applied on the warts several times a day for around a fortnight.

apple cider vinegar: home cure for wart Apple Cider Vinegar: Affected skin applied with Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day for a fortnight is an effective cure for warts. In case ACV is not available, plain vinegar or milkweeds are used instead.

marigold: natural cure for wart Marigold: Juice of leaves of marigold plant and the sap of the stem of marigold is effective for removing warts.

cashewnut oil for getting rid of warts Cashew nut oil: Oil extracted form the shell of cashew nut to be applied thrice a day on the warts affected skin parts.
Onion: Rubbing cut onions on the warts is effective in removing warts.
Potato: Raw potato is effective in treating warts. Cut and rub raw potato on the affected skin thrice a day for good results.

dandelion for curing wart Dandelion: Milk from the cut end of Dandelion applied locally over the affected area for about two weeks helps treat warts.

pine apple: wart home remedy Pineapple Juice, Papaya Juice: Applied on the affected parts, pineapple and papaya juices contain Proteolytic Enzyme which is effective remedy for wart.

chalkpowder: home cure for wart
Chalk powder mixed with Water: Made into thick paste, applied and allowed to dry on the warts once in the morning and once before sleeping.

Aloevera for treatment of wartAloe Vera Juice: The natural acids of Aloe Vera juice when applied on warts helps counter the viral infections that cause Warts.

Dietary Conditions

Warts being an indication of some constitutional deficiency in the body – diet can play a vital role in effective treatment of warts.

An all fruit diet for 5 days in a row helps clean the body of toxic or harmful elements. Juicy fruits like pear, papaya, mango, pineapple, oranges, grapes & apples are recommended in this period.

Post this, a well-balanced diet consisting of natural foods like vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits and nuts is recommended until the skin improves.

Other Measures

  • Use clean sterilized pumice stone or file to remove dead tissue occasionally to keep the area clean.
  • Dead tissue should be disposed carefully as it would still have some wart virus.
  • Don’t scratch existing warts and sanitize/ wash your hands with hot water and soap after touching a wart.

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