Home Cure for Whooping Cough

List of effective home cure for whooping cough. Remedies based on easily availble food at home.

Cough with a whooping sound is called Whooping cough.

Pertusis, as it is known in medical parlance, is an infectious bacterial disease that generally affects children. (0- 12 years).

Signs of whooping cough in adults though uncommon are still the same as those found in children.

Is whooping Cough Contagious ?

Yes, Whooping cough is highly contagious and spreads through coughing droplets.

Causes of Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough is caused by micro organisms Bordetella pertusis or Bordetella parapertusis that spread amongst children through droplet sprays.

Symptoms of Whooping Cough

Beginning symptoms

  • Marked by catarrh of the nose, watering of eyes, sneezing
  • Throat irritation & feverishness

Later symptoms

  • Catarrh of nose disappears & cough becomes persistent
  • Cold & Cough – which slowly becomes more spasmodic
  • Sonorous Whooping sound after the spasms
  • Frequent Vomiting
  • Face turns blue in case of violet and rapid expiratory coughing

Home remedies for whooping cough

garlic as home cure for whooping coughGarlic:

Garlic syrup administered as drops or one tsp, thrice a day is a very effective cure for whooping cough. The dose can be increased in case more frequent or violent spasms are observed.
ginger :home remedy whooping coughGinger:

One tea spoon fresh ginger juice mixed with fenugreek decoction (made by boiling one tea spoon of the fenugreek seeds in 300 ml water till water reduces to half) + honey (for taste) is a very effective diaphoretic used for curing pertusis.
almond oil for treating whooping coughAlmond Oil:

Four drops of almond oil + Ginger juice + fresh white onion juice, taken thrice a day (or more if needed) for about two weeks provides protection from pertusis relapse.
radish:natural cure for whooping coughRadish:

A tea spoon of radish juice mixed with equal honey and rocksalt administered thrice a day is a time tested natural cure for whooping cough.
datura herbal cure for whooping coughDatura Stramonium:

(Indian names: Datura): Dried leaves & seeds of datura are used as antispasmodic under critical conditions of whooping cough. However we recommend this to be be administered only in case of severe pertusis and under the guidance of qualified naturopaths.
calamus: herbal cure for whooping cough


(Other names: Bach, Vasambu, Vasa, Bajegida) One pinch of powdered roasted Calamus with tea spoon of honey provides immediate relief from spasms.

Prescribed diet

  • Fasting during the initial days or during the onset of infection is recommended.
  • Fruit diet – comprising largely of orange juices, musk melon, raspberry and tomato are helpful.
  • Vegetables like gourd, spinach, cabbage taken boiled without any condiments are helpful for treating whooping cough.
  • Phlegm producing food like – rice, lentil, refine flour items, sweets, milk, butter, refined butter (ghee) and sugar should be avoided strictly.

Other measures

  • Patient should be protected from Cold & moisture.
  • Epsom Salt bath is prescribed during the initial days.
  • Castor oil is recommended in case of constipation and to make the strained abdominal muscles tender.
  • Slight abdominal massage helps loosen muscles strained from spasmodic coughing.
  • Patient should be prevented from developing costiveness.


If not cured timely, Pertusis can lead to some serious complications like broncho-pneumonia (lungs), middle ear infection, bursting of nose blood vessels or conjunctiva of the eyes and convulsions in worst cases.