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Hair Loss: When is it a cause of worry?

Person with a healthy scalp loses an average of 40-80 (sometimes less) hairs a day. This is a natural process as each hair goes through a life cycle, at the end of which the follicle dies only to be replaced by new hair.

Things start getting bad, when some one consistently looses over 100 hairs a day extending up to several months. This is when a conscious attempt to arrest hair fall is required.

What is hair loss ?

Abnormal hair loss is a metabolic disorder. Papilla, an up growth at the base of follicle produces hair. A group of cells turn amino acids into keratin. The rate of production of keratin determines the rate of hair growth.

Is Hair loss curable?

Barring, hair loss which is hereditary – all other kinds of hair loss can be arrested with natural treatment. As with any other disorder, diagnosis of exact cause of hair loss is important before corrective measures are taken.

Home Cure for Loss of Hair

Hair loss is a common problem, with hundreds of possible home remedies. Each home remedy may work in addressing some particular cause, while it may fail to arrest hair loss, if the cause lies somewhere else.

Loss of hair can very easily be arrested, if the exact cause is diagnosed. If not, one may have to try several remedies one after another to see which works best in his/her case.

The following may be very helpful in stopping loss of hair and helping in growth of new hair.

  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel is a very useful home cure for loss of hair. Apply pure Aloe Vera gel at night and massage into the scalp, leave it overnight and shampoo in the morning.
  2. Amla oil: Amla oil is very effective home cure to stop hair loss. Amla oil , can be prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil. This is a very good hair tonic and helps in the growth of hair. Mix equal quantity of lime juice and amla juice, use this as shampoo to prevent hair loss and to facilitate hair growth.
  3. Massage: Massage is a very effective way to prevent hair loss and helps in growth of hair also. Massage your scalp twice a day with fingers ,in small circular motions is the best.
  4. Brushing: Brushing hair helps in opening the tiny clogs, which hamper hair growth. Brush the hair from scalp to the tip every night; ensure that you don’t pull the hair.
  5. Castor, lard and rosemary: This mixture is a very effective home cure for hair growth. Mix two tablespoons of castor oil, ¼ tablespoon of rosemary oil and two tablespoons of lard and massage this into the scalp at least twice a day for better results.
  6. Coconut oil and lime: Coconut oil and lime water or lime juice , mixed and applied on hair daily , helps in preventing hair loss
  7. Mustard oil and henna leaves: Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves, is very effective home cure for hair growth. Take about 250ml of mustard oil and about 60 grams of henna leaves. Boil the oil and add henna leaves to this gradually, till it burns in the oil. Filter this in cloth and should be stored. Regular massage with this oil will help in growth of hair.
  8. Margosa: If the hair has stopped growing and there is loss of hair, then it should be washed with the decoction of margosa leaves. This will prevent lice and other infecting insects affecting the hair and also stop hair fall and facilitate hair growth.
  9. Onion: Onion is an excellent home cure for hair loss and to treat patchy baldness. Grate onion and squeeze out the juice, apply this to the scalp and leave it on for about one hour and rinse it off with a mild shampoo. This helps in hair growth. For baldness , rub the affected part with onions in the morning and evening till it is red, and rub honey over it later.
  10. Coriander leaves: Applying juice of fresh coriander leaves over the hair helps in stopping loss of hair.
  11. Black gram and fenugreek: Make a paste of cooked black gram and fenugreek seeds and apply it on the head. After some time wash your hair. This will lengthen the hair and also prevent hair loss.
  12. Lettuce and spinach juice: Mix lettuce and spinach juice and drink this daily for better results.
  13. Coconut milk: Coconut milk is very beneficial in treating loss of hair. Grind coconut and squeeze them to extract coconut milk, apply this all over the scalp and massage this to the roots of the hair.
  14. Liquorice: Grind pieces of liquorice in milk with a pinch of saffron and make it into paste. Apply this paste over the bald patches in the night before bedtime. This is a very good home cure for treating baldness.
  15. Amaranth: Fresh leaves of amaranth are a very valuable home cure for growth of hair. Juice of the fresh leaves of amaranth should be applied all over the hair for best results.
  16. Lime and pepper: Make a paste of seeds of lime and black pepper and apply it on bald patches. This increases blood circulation to the affected area and stimulates hair growth. This paste should be applied twice a day for a few weeks for better results.
  17. Alfalfa: Alfalfa juice, mixed with equal quantities of carrot and lettuce juices, taken daily is very helpful in hair growth.
  18. Apple cider vinegar: Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add to water and drink this with meals for best results and this can be taken daily for about at least three weeks for better hair growth.
  19. Myrtle leaves: Soak the myrtle leaves overnight and use the water for massaging the hair and scalp. Keep for some time, by securing it with a wrap and wash off using warm or cold water. For better results, do this daily for about two weeks.
  20. Olive oil: Take about half a cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of cumin seeds before rubbing it to the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off.
  21. Hibiscus leaves: Take hibiscus leaves and add lemon juice and a glass of hot water . strain this and apply it thoroughly to the hair before shampooing it.
  22. Orange and lemon peel: Take orange and lemon peel and soak it in water and wash the hair with this water. This will keep the dandruff away and also help in keeping the hair soft.
  23. Honey and egg: Mix honey and yolk of one egg and massage it properly to the hair and the scalp for better hair growth.
  24. Castor oil: Castor oil also is a very useful home cure for hair loss. Apply castor oil twice daily for some weeks to prevent hair loss.
  25. Beetroot leaves: Beetroot leaves have also been found to be valuable for treating loss of hair. Mash the leaves of beetroot and apply this over the scalp and the hair to stop hair loss.
  26. Pigeon peas: Pigeon peas is effective home cure for loss of hair. Take pigeon peas and red gram and make a paste and apply on the patches , to treat loss of hair.
  27. Lemon juice and egg: Lemon is very valuable home cure for hair loss. Take a few drops of lemon juice and mix with an egg. After beating this mixture thoroughly, apply on hair and scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes and wash off with shampoo.
  28. Geranium: Add blanched geranium leaves to boiling water and strain. Use this water to wash the hair daily for better results.
  29. Aspirin tablets: Aspirin tablets are also beneficial to stop loss of hair. Dissolve two aspirin tablets in any anti dandruff shampoo and massage into the hair and wash off.
  30. Almond oil: Almond oil is believed to be very helpful in hair loss. Massage the scalp using almond oil. Dip a towel in hot water and wrap it around the hair , repeat this three or four times, till the towel becomes cold.

Diet to Cure Hair Loss

Diet plays an important role in addressing nutritional deficiencies that result in hair loss. Diet should contain large quantities of seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, vegetable oils, yeast, wheat germ and honey. Eating lots of carbohydrate rich food can cause hair loss.

Diet must include foods rich in vitamin B and protein to promote growth of the hair. Foods rich in iron are also necessary to prevent hair loss. A deficiency of minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium are also responsible for hair loss. Using these mineral supplements can help arrest hair loss.

Other Recommendations to prevent Hair Loss

  • Drink plenty of water daily, about 1.5 liters a day. This will help flush harmful toxins from the body.
  • Always keep your scalp clean by washing it frequently.
  • Use mild or herbal shampoo, as harsh chemicals may further damage the hair.
  • Avoid stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises and meditation are very helpful to keep mind stress free.
  • Avoid using hair dryers as they weaken the hair and lead to hair loss.
  • Avoid excessive brushing or pulling the hair, especially when it is wet.
  • Don’t wash hair with hot water.

Life cycle of hair

Each hair goes through a life cycle, which may vary from person to person or even for each hair of one person. A hair might go through one or all of these phases during its life;

a) Growth phase: During this phase, hair is linked to follicle. This phase usually lasts for about three to seven years before the hair falls off and is replaced by new follicle.

b) Cotagen phase: During this phase, follicle dies. This stage lasts about two weeks.

c) Telogen phase: During this phase, hair dies. This stage lasts about three months.

Causes and symptoms of Hair Loss


Symptoms of hair loss


Causes of Hair loss

  • Thinning of hair
  • Falling of hair



1.Heredity factors

2.Stress, worry, anxiety and sudden shock

3.Lack of nutrients like vitamin B6 and folic acid

4.Long illness like typhoid, anaemia, influenza

5.Inadequate nutrition and improper diet

6.Unclean condition of scalp

7.Poor blood circulation