22 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bad Breath


Home Remedies: Bad Breath
Treatment of Halitosis must begin a review of oral hygiene. More often than not, halitosis is caused by poor dental hygiene which may result in tooth decay, gum disease, throat and nose conditions and respiratory track problems. Even small holes in teeth may provide space for germs to multiply and release foul smell. Next make it sure; you are not unduly imagining a bad breath, when there is none (pseudo halitosis). Home remedies for bad breath follows next.

Water: Drinking lots of water is an effective way to treat bad breath. Lack of enough water dries up the mouth and mucous membranes (xerostomia). Anaerobic bacteria are known to proliferate in dry conditions. Lack of water in body also causes constipation which causes bad breath.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek has properties which heal the conditions caused due to bad breath and respiratory tract problems. Take some fenugreek seeds and make a tea using them and drink this tea at least thrice a day. Add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds to about half a litre of water and simmer this for at least 15 minutes before drinking.
bad-breath guava cures
Guava: Guava which is not ripe contains lots of minerals and iron. It strengthens the teeth and the gums.  Chewing tender guava leaves are very effective Natural Cure to treat bad breath.
avocado for bad-breath
Avocado: Avocado should be eaten regularly by the person affected by halitosis to treat the condition. It can be eaten as a fruit during every meal or be made into a juice by adding fruits like banana to enhance the taste.
Clove: Take one clove after every meal and chew it.  This is very effective natural cure to reduce bad breath.

Cardamom: Chew some cardamom seeds to get rid of bad breath. The aromatic flavour of the seeds acts as breath freshener, making it an excellent Natural cure for bad breath.
Pineapple Juice: Drink one glass of pineapple juice daily to remove the foul smell of your mouth. This is the most effective and fastest natural Cure for halitosis.

Parsley: Boil two cups of water with coarsely chopped sprigs of parsley. Add a small pinch of ground cloves to the mixture. Stir it occasionally. After it cools down, strain and use as a mouth wash. Gargle at least four times a day.
Lemon: Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water. Use this as a mouth wash. Gargle as frequently as possible. Drinking lemon juice regularly helps get rid of bad breath.

Raw juices: Make fresh vegetable juice and drink this thrice a day and one can alternate it with fresh fruit juices too. This is a very effective way to ensure that the body is supplied with essential nutrients to make it function properly and to treat bad breath.

Margosa: Twigs of margosa tree make a very good toothbrush and can be used to get rid of particles off the teeth. Food particles that get stuck between the teeth cause bad breath and can rotten the teeth.

Mint leaves: Chewing a few mint leaves frequently can get rid of bad breath and it is a good mouth freshener too.

yoghurt for bad-breath

Yoghurt: Eat yoghurt for six weeks, to get rid of bad breath totally. Yoghurt contains good bacteria which fights the bacteria found in the mouth, thereby cleaning the body and getting rid of bad breath.

Unsweetened tea: Drink unsweetened tea several times a day. Drink the tea when it is hot. This is the simplest natural cure for bad breath.

Apple: Eat at least one apple a day. Apple has vital anti bacterial properties which purifies mouth and helps reduce foul smell in mouth.

Sunflower seeds: Chew some sunflower seeds and drink one glass of water after this.  It helps in eliminating bad breath.

Baking soda: Baking soda dissolved in a glass of warm water is a very good natural cure for treating bad breath. Apart from cleaning teeth, it also cleanses the tongue thereby making it a very good remedy for persons suffering from bad breath.

Honey and lemon: Squeeze juice of a fresh lemon and add a little honey to it. Drink at least twice daily, in the morning and evening on empty stomach, to get rid of bad breath.
Eucalyptus leaves: Chew a few eucalyptus leaves to effectively treat halitosis. Or boil the leaves in water and use it as a mouthwash.
Oregano oil: Add a few drops of oregano oil to one glass of water. Drink up to twice a day to get rid of bad breath effectively.

Dietary recommendations for Halitosis

Increase the intake of foods rich in zinc as they help in preventing bad breath. Zinc helps maintain the anaerobic bacteria balance inside the mouth to keep it free of foul smell.

Protein intake is known to increase pH level in mouth. Alkalinity promotes production of volatile sulphide compounds in mouth which can cause bad breath. A reduction in protein intake is advised for treatment of bad breath.

Every meal should consist of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds among other food groups.  Increase intake of vitamin C and vitamin E rich foods.

Drink lots of water to keep mouth and body well hydrated. Drinking enough water enables copious salivation. Saliva cleans residual food from the mouth and has natural antibacterial attributes which kills bacteria which cause bad breath.

Reduce coffee intake. Drink green tea instead.

Bad breath:  Foods to be avoided

People suffering from halitosis should avoid refined carbohydrate foods, like white sugar, white bread, meat and eggs. In particular, the following should be avoided:

  • Avoid food rich in sulphide like garlic, onion and ginger when you expect to have close encounters with others as when dating your love.
  • Avoid protein rich food as anaerobic bacteria are known to thrive at night on protein leftover in mouth.
  • Some fishes like tuna and anchovies should be avoided as they cause bad breath.
  • Avoid refined sweet foods as it promotes growth of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products

When to consult a dentist/doctor?

A dentist must be consulted:

  • In case of decaying teeth or swollen/ bleeding gums
  • In case of pus in gums (possible signs of pyrrhoea)

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