8 Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss – Fast and Safe

For people looking out for Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss, Fast- Safe and easy to implement dietary regimens for quick weight loss at home.

Obesity is a condition where there is an excess storage of fat in the body. Obesity is defined as weight 20% or above the body mass index (BMI).

When a person eats or consumes food in excess of the quantity required by his body, it results in obesity. Obesity is common among western countries and higher income group in India and other developing countries.

Obese person carries the risk of increased possibility of developing diseases like hypertension, diabetes, gal bladder disorders etc.


  • Increase in waistline is a symptom of obesity

Obesity increases the number of fat cells and its size all around the body, causing excess fat to be built, and this excess fat gets deposited around the waistline, resulting in its increase in size.

There are no specific symptoms of obesity, but it contributes to other major health problems like Blood pressure, Heart failure, diabetes, some types of cancer, Gallbladder disorders, etc, thereby increasing the risk of getting affected by these diseases. As such more and more people are looking for Home Remedies for Weight Loss -Fast and Safe methods that are also easier to implement.


Obesity is mainly caused due to overeating. Some people have the habit to consume more food than is required for them for a long period of time. This excess energy stored in the body is converted to fat and sugar and gives the person the appearance of being overweight.

Inactive and sedentary lifestyle also is a cause for obesity. Diet rich carbohydrates also results in obesity.

Other factors which may lead to obesity are thyroid disturbances or pituitary gland disorders or may be due to heredity. Glandular disorders which cause obesity are rare and amount only to 2% of such cases.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Fast and Safe

Some of the ways to treat obesity at home are as follows:

Lime juice-honey:
Lime juice and honey mixed in lukewarm water is a very useful home cure for obesity. One teaspoon of honey mixed with the juice of half a lime in one glass of lukewarm water should be taken frequently.

Lemon Juice:
A diet of only lemon juice is also very good home cure for obesity. In this method, one must drink only water as frequently as possible for the first day. On the second day, juice of three lemon mixed in water can be taken at frequent intervals. This can be done till the person can have juice of twelve lime in a day and the number of lime taken should be reduced gradually till it comes back to three lemons a day. The patient may feel weak and hungry for the first two days, but will be then normal.

Cabbage is an excellent home remedy for loosing
weight fast. Tartaric acid present in cabbage prevents conversion of carbohydrates and sugar into fat. Substituting a meal for a cabbage salad is the best way to lose weight.

Tomato: Tomato is also very useful home remedy for obesity. One or two ripe tomatoes instead of breakfast, for a period of about two months is a very good and safe way to reduce weight.

Finger millet:
Finger millet is an ideal home remedy for fast weight loss. Finger millet is very slow to digest, so the carbohydrates take a longer time to get absorbed. Preparations made of this, curbs the desire to eat and hence it results in reducing the calorie intake. Finger millet is also rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin b1, vitamin b2 etc.

Papaya is also a very good home remedy for fast weight loss. Eating papaya soup instead of dinner for two or three months will reduce weight of the patient.

Plum leaves or Jujube: Leaves of Indian plum or jujube are very effective home cure for fast weight loss. Soak a handful of the leaves in water and drink the water in the morning on empty stomach for at least one month for best results.

Ginger: Ginger is also very good weight loss home remedy. Chew a thin slice of fresh ginger for a few minutes before meals or grate a little ginger and mix in some lime juice and salt, have a pinch of this frequently.

Diet for fast weight loss

Person willing to loose weight fast should go on a liquid or juice diet for a week or ten days ,followed by all fruits diet for about four or five days.

He/She can have juices of orange, grapes, lemon, cabbage, celery during the period of liquid diet which is very good for the health.

After fasting period, the person should take balanced diet of seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and fresh juices which helps in loosing weight and maintaining it over.

The foods which are to be completely avoided are butter, cheese, chocolate, cakes, cream, fried foods and foods high on carbohydrate like bread, cookies, potatoes, sugar etc.

The patient can take natural foods to reduce weight. Exercise like cycling, walking, swimming is very helpful in controlling weight. Yoga and deep breathing exercises are also very effective in reducing and controlling the weight.

Most importantly the person should avoid negative thoughts like anxiety, fear, anger, insecurity and enjoy life and live positive.