21 Best Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Archived collection of 21 best natural remedies for passing kidney stones using easily available food at home.

Most type of kidney stones get eliminated on their own in about 5-6 weeks. Others can be broken into small pieces percutaneously or by using therapy like néphrolithotripsie, lithotripsy or cystoscopy.

Allopathy offers several medical and surgical treatment options for Kidney stones depending on the size, type and number of stones. Pain is taken care by analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Hospitalization is prescribed when pain is severe or where there are other complications like renal failure or pyelonephritis

While allopath provides immediate relief, it fails to address the root cause of formation of stones. It is here that natural remedies for kidney stones score better.

Some popular home remedies that help in treatment of Kidney stones include:

Water: Drinking lots of water helps flush out toxins that accumulate in the kidney. Drinking water is an excellent preventive measure to avoid formation of kidney stones. Ensure plenty of fluids in take to prevent urine from becoming concentrated. Fluid intake of about three liters or more a day is important to prevent the precipitation of salts into the form of stones. Drink water at regular intervals (say, every two hours) to prevent dehydration and formation and growth of kidney stones.

Okra (Lady’s finger): Okra is a rich source of magnesium and contains thiamine and riboflavin and is an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamins A and vitamin C. Okra has great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps bind excess toxins in bile acids and prevents crystallization of chemicals in the kidney. All these attributes make it a miracle remedy for kidney stones. Cut 3-4 raw Okra into small pieces and soak them in water overnight .In the morning, squeeze out the pulp of the ladies finger into the water and drink this thrice a day. It also relieves the pain.

Onions: Onions have vital antioxidant properties which prevent crystallization and growth of kidney stones. Besides this, onions are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which provide several health benefits. Boil 2-3 small onions in one glass of water for about 15minutes. Let it cool and drain the water. Add little sugar for taste. Drink this water thrice a day.

Tomatoes: Tomato is rich in lycopene, a potent antioxidant which is known to prevent serum lipid oxidation and formation of kidney stones. Make a juice of tomatoes and add a little pepper and salt to it Drink tomato juice once daily for beneficial results in dissolving and preventing growth of stones.

Cranberry juice: Cranberry is a powerful antioxidant which prevents formation of free radicals and a proven natural diuretic that induces copious urination that flushes out particles in the urine. Both these properties make it an excellent home remedy for treatment of kidney stones.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a miracle herb which besides other health benefits also helps fight oxidative stress in the body. Aloe Vera prevents deposition of free radicals and helps prevent formation of kidney stones. Regular consumption or aloe Vera juice helps in reducing kidney stones.


Goldenrod: Besides being an excellent anti inflammatory and antioxidant food, Goldenrod has diuretic property that can flush water out of the body making it effective in naturally treating kidney stones. Steep 2-3 teaspoon of dried goldenrod in hot water and drink this after it cools down.

Dandelion: Dandelion is a miracle cure for kidney stones. It contains luteolin, pectin and apigenin which are effective antioxidants. Besides this, dandelion has diuretic properties that purifies your blood, cleanses your body of toxicity and helps dissolve your kidney stones. Roast and powder dandelion root and add it to water. Boil this mixture and drink it twice daily, to help flush the kidney stones.

Lemon juice and olive oil: Lemon Juice is rich in Vitamin C, which makes it an excellent antioxidant. Mix two ounces of lemon juice and two ounces of olive oil and drink this mixture. Follow it up with a large glass of water. Drink about 10-12 glasses of water thorough out the day.


Apple cider vinegar: Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it every morning. This helps in breaking the kidney stones.



Watermelon: Watermelon is the richest source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and is packed with antioxidant properties (including lycopene and beta carotene) which make it an excellent remedy for passing kidney stones. Juice made of watermelon can be taken twice daily for better results and pieces of the fresh fruit eaten are also very beneficial.


Celery: Celery is a rich source of Vitamin C, which gives it an antioxidant property. Besides celery is an effective diuretic which helps flush out active toxins and depositions from the kidney and urinary tract. These attributes make celery a very effective home remedy for passing kidney stones. Steep celery leaves in water for several minutes and drink this twice daily.


Red Apple: Red Apple is one of the best oxidant foods for effective dissolution of kidney stones. Crush raw apples and extract juice from it and drink the juice without adding any sweetener. It also helps in prevention against forming of stones.

Radish: Soak radish leaves in water and leave them overnight. Drink the water twice a day, preferably morning and evening after removing the leaves. Juice extracted from the leaves and consumed are also just as effective.

Basil: Soak leaves of basil in water and leave overnight. Extract juice from them and add honey to it and drink for better results. One teaspoon of the juice is a right dosage.Eating basil leaves raw after washing them well is also helpful.

Magnesium: Intake of foods rich in magnesium is very helpful in preventing formation of kidney stones and in dissolving existing stones. Foods like tuna, banana, brazil nut, strawberry, artichoke, low fat yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, black tea, cashew and pine nut can be added to the diet for better results in dissolving kidney stones naturally.

Coconut water: Coconut water can be consumed several times a day for effectively treating kidney stones. It can be continued for at least a week for better results as it breaks and flushes out the kidney stones from the body.

Kidney beans: Kidney beans are amongst the richest antioxidant foods. Remove the beans from the pods and boil in water for several hours. Strain the liquid in a muslin cloth and allow it cool for about eight hours. Strain the water again drinks it for every two hours for about one week to get rid of kidney stones.

Grapes: Grapes have high contents of water and potassium salt and has very good diuretic value make it very effective home cure for kidney stones. Grapes if taken in raw form, give the best results. Juice extracted from the fruit also can be very effective, if taken twice daily.

Pomegranate: Take some pomegranate seeds and powder it and add some water to and take it daily for better results.

Pineapple juice, cinnamon: Mix pineapple juice, cinnamon and nutmeg in water and drink this twice daily first in the morning and before going to bed, for better results.


Others: In general, foods with high antioxidant properties are helpful in treatment of kidney stones. Some of the food with highest antioxidant properties include artichoke, black bean dried, black plum, blackberry, blueberry, dried red kidney bean, gala apple, granny smith apple, sweet cherry, pecan, pinto bean, plum, prune, raspberry, red apple, russet potato, strawberry and dried small red bean. A liberal intake of these foods is beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones.



Restrict salt intake in particular and sodium rich food in general. Sodium can aggravate kidney stone and should be taken in moderation.

Foods which need to be avoided are pickles, alcohols, some vegetables like cucumber, radish, spinach , asparagus and meat .

Avoid intake of carbonated water as it irritates the kidneys.


It is vital to control the alkalinity or acidity of the urine, depending upon the kind of kidney stone

To control formation of calcium phosphate stones, intake of foods rich in calcium and phosphates must be restricted. Foods rich in calcium and phosphate which should be avoided include whole wheat flour, soybean, spinach, bengal gram, beetroot, carrots, almonds and coconuts.

If uric acid and oxalate stones are formed then urine should be kept alkaline. Acid forming food should be taken in minimal measures. Fruits and vegetables can be consumed liberally.

The patient must take a low protein diet, restricting it to one gram per kilogram of food to dissolve kidney stone.

Increase intake of vitamin A in foods, as it prevents formation of stones by strengthening the urinary system. Pumpkin and apricot are good sources of vitamin A. Take foods rich in B complex and B6 for treating kidney stones. Eat fiber rich foods and wholegrain foods , as they help in digestion and active and right bowel movements.